New Great British Baking Show coming on Netflix

I guess the lesson here is that we can dislike people for what they do and say, but making fun of bodies just because they are a particular way is hurtful and unnecessary?

I don’t dislike him as such (I do not know him) but I don’t like his comedy for sure.


Also to say: given that Little Britain did a lot of punching down, I don’t think you should feel bad in this instance.

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I wasn’t making fun of his body. I was saying that his fashion decisions alarmed me. I.e. bald head, no eyebrows. When I heard it was a medical condition and not a choice, then I said I felt ashamed about it.

We came across this program while prowling the great Netflix wasteland. We admired the contestants’ skills. We loathed the mugging hosts – “Hey look at me – I’m on a television show – I must be something special”. The judges displayed technical credibility.

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I agree with Harters, and for the same reason. I didn’t even make it halfway through the first episode. I may try it again sometime, but it just didn’t interest me like the non-pro version.

I haven’t yet watched but I believe you all in the US are starting with series 6 meaning one of the hosts is Tom Allen. If that’s the case I disagree, sight unseen, with your assessment. I love Tom Allen. He’s not to everyone’s taste but I think he’s brilliant. (His gay camp is one of the few I enjoy because it is so vociferously a performance. I enjoy him on Extra Slice and just about every panel show.)

Sasha, I am aware you said you felt bad. My saying what I said wasn’t to make you feel bad. It was to point out the key point to take from your (admitted) blunder : we do not comment on people’s bodies — not what they look like and what people do with them.
That said, red carpet snark for all genders is still on. Especially during awards season. (Fashion is different provided it’s clever and not some gender normative nonsense.)

Well, somebody has to like Matt Lucas, I was prepared to dislike him but he grew on me and I ended up liking him a lot. I’m sorry he’s leaving. One time the top tier of a cake fell off during judging, clear off the table, and somehow Matt caught it- right side up- and hoisted it up with a triumphant grin.
I was prepared to dislike Noel as well, but I’m actually a fan now.

That’d be me (see post on 31/1).

Think he’s been funny, engaging and worked really well with Noel.

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Thank you, I totally agree.


I find the dynamic so weird-- like both are so much into their own weird mugging that they need would unmoor each other. Sandi kept Noel tethered. (And she’s funny and delightful in her own right, of course.)

There’s really nothing like Mel and Sue though.


I did like Sandi a lot.
But I do love the combo of Noel and Matt. Just sayin’

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Years and years ago, former New Yorker film critic thrashed a film (in my dotage now, I think it was Dances With Wolves but possibly Forrest Gump). Among her comments was something about it being impossible to continue a relationship with someone who liked it. Other than in his role as M. Thenardier, which he of course didn’t write, Matt Lucas is my DWW.

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So we’re not friends any more? :cry:

It WAS Dances with Wolves. I remembered her jab that the tribe should have named him Plays With Camera. I just worry that friends who like ML risk injury from his heavily-thudding attempted jokes. DO wear a safety helmet! :wink:

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Was Pauline Kael the critic?

Yes, it was. The review pops up if you search Kael Dances with Wolves. BTW, I wonder if the writer of the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine “cancelled” people who liked “The English Patient” was inspired by the Kael review.

Alison Hammond will replace Matt for the new series. Nope, name didnt ring any bells with me, so i had to read the article.


I saw her on the BAFTAs so I knew who she was.

Mrs Harters also knew who she was. And, ominously, can’t stand her.