New fish for us

Recently introduced to blowfish aka pufferfish aka chicken of the sea by our fabulous fishmongers. I hadn’t heard of this fish, it is local, and several fishermen said they knew the fish but threw them back when caught.
Very delicious and pretty easy to prepare, just pan fry.
Last night I did them Indian style, coated with bean and spices and fried in ghee.


I like them, too. I get them at the Union Square Greenmarket in Manhattan. Blue Moon has them from time to time.

I always thought it might be the most flavorless fish in the sea.

Do you mean this fish?

I thought it was toxic? Or is it the same fish we were talking?

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Where is it local to?

Local for connecticut\long island area.
I was told it’s a dif variety than the poisonous one in Japan.
Its a mild white fish with a nice firm consistency. Some might consider it a trash fish.
It’s only the tail that’s eaten so there might be a lot of cleaning unless bought at a fish market. Ex. We ate 6 last night.

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I grill them for 3 minutes a side–tastes fine with a dipping sauce ( red pepper works nicely.)

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo