“ New Choice Restaurant, Richmond Hill “ - A casual family dinner featuring delightful, well cooked food but sadly marred by some aggressive, crabby service and devious business practice!

The five noteworthy and delicious dishes we ordered tonight included the following:

  • Fried Pork Chop with Thousand Island Sauce
  • Sauteed Veal Short-Ribs with onions and Teriyaki Sauce
  • Stir fried Lotus Roots and House Cured Salted Pork with Brown Fermented
    Bean Curd.
  • Stir Fried Giant Propeller Clam with XO sauce
  • Fried head-on Prawns with Salted Duck Egg Yolk Coating

Execution of the above captioned deeply complex and exotic tasting dishes were near flawless. The finger licking, fried prawns with salted egg yolk was one of the best rendition I have come across. Unlike a lot of overly cooked and dried versions, New-Choice perfectly timed and well seared Veal short-ribs was a pleasure to eat, the sweet and savory gooey sauce, vivid and delectable tasting.
The uncommon, stir fried Propeller Clams was crunchy and sweet, the umami packed and slightly spicy hot XO sauce, a well chosen partner. Both the Pork Chops and Lotus Roots are smothered with more tasty and gooey sauce. Excellent companion with plain rice.

Now comes the sad part of the meal! Our arrival was first greeted by a smiling lady server who made a quick 180 degree ‘grouchy’ turn around when we did not follow up with ordering the extravagant and expensive dishes she recommended. Eg., $15 each, Diver Scallops in the Shell, steamed cooked on a bed of minced garlic or using $29 per pound lobster instead of our preferred, less expensive head-on Prawns.

A mandatory add-on service charge is an extremely rare sight amongst GTA Chinese restaurants. If at all, such practice is usually found in higher-end eating establishments for a larger group. However, tonight, our bill arrived unannounced with a ‘ stealthily hidden ‘ 13% service charge already applied. We found no such gratuity policy printed on the menu nor did our server make such mention when the bill was delivered!..dishonest and deceitful!😡


Hello, Charles! And, good to read you again! (I was Hungry Pangolin at Chowhound.) Just out of curiosity, how large was your group? Where I currently cook (upscale Italian), we automatically charge 18% gratuity on groups of 12 or more, but we are also very explicit about that when taking the reservation. Nothing ‘stealthy’.

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We were a party of 4…and the place wasn’t fancy either… a touch more decent than say the now defunct ’ ex-chowmeet venue ’ - Maple Yip '!