Nemo (Keyport, NJ)

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I’ve seen you say this a fair amount here. Do you have gut issues to start with?

Not trying to be a jackass, but I’ve lived here for 20 years now and eaten at many sushi places around and nobody in my family has ever had any gi issues as a result.


I have no doubt what you’re saying. But neither we nor any of our friends who have eaten there with us have ever gotten sick. I will look at what you’re suggesting the next time I’m there, but as i said, I’ve never experienced that.


Nemo is fusion. They have other Asian dishes/influences.

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We ate at Nemos based on recommendations from chowhound. A lot of people who still post here recommended it.

Despite concerns about the cleanliness going in, we ate there anyway.

And both my wife and I got violent diarrhea less than two hours after eating there.

Once we get diarrhea from a restaurant we give them one more chance. If they fail they are outside the circle of trust.

Nemo’s was so bad once was enough.

The same thing happened at Kanji last Saturday.

It also happened at Izu in Long Branch, which got a positive review in the NY Times.

If you eat somewhere and you got sick, I would want to know about it so I could avoid it.

And if find flies in a Sushi bar, or any other restaurant, that is not a good sign. They are breeding somewhere so it’s an indication that the sanitation is not up to snuff.

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First, I said I wasn’t trying to be a jackass. Not that you were. Secondly, I’m just asking because I’ve personally never had issues, and in just this thread you are reporting 3. If someone had a sensitive gut, maybe I could understand better.

In a day and age where places live and die by internet reviews, I think you have to be ultra certain before you start throwing around terms like “gi issues” which to the reader looks like food poisoning. Which, in turn, would accuse them of poor food handling techniques.

I’m not necessarily calling bs on your claims, but I am saying that maybe something else is at play and where you ate was a coincidence.

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If we got sick, we got sick.

It happened two hours after we ate there. And next morning no problems

I’m sorry, but you continuing to debate me about this is just wrong.

Arguing about it with me doesn’t make it unhappen.

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No accusations, a it’s a statement of fact. If we got diarrhea that’s what happened. Poor food handling techniques.

And it’s not libel if it’s a fact.


I have to agree with you about Izu. Not that we got sick there, but that the last two times we went, their quality was way way down and the place was dirty. We’ve not been back and tend to go down the block to Aji if we’re having sushi in Long Branch.

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@tomt @CoachDonna @VikingKaj @corvette_johnny @gcaggiano

Everyone (at least I think I got everyone, if not my apologies)

I think it’s been established that some of us had a bad experience while others have had good experiences here. The facts revolving around all these experiences have been exhausted at this point. Some of us will return, others will not, I do not see the need for this portion of the conversation to continue.

Let’s put an end to the back and forth of our experiences at this point and continue to report on our experiences going forward, both good or bad.

Let’s also not challenge each other on our experiences or opinions. Just because we have varying experiences doesn’t mean yours was superior to mine or visa versa, we all have different expectations and things we look for, because you enjoyed a place and I didn’t doesn’t mean my experience is any less valid than yours. Also, there is never a reason to direct insults to each other.

Let’s just move on at this point, thank you for your cooperation with regards to this.


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Been to Nemo a few times over the years. IMO their food is strictly mediocre. I guess it’s a good place to go with a group if you want to be able to order pan-asian, but I don’t think they do any single cuisine particularly well. That said I’ve never had any issues in terms of cleanliness or service or anything like that.

As for post-sushi diarrhea, am I the only one who half expects this to happen regularly? :smiley: :smiley:

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Thank you for your support. :+1::+1::+1:


If I think about it, I don’t know if any pan Asian places are doing anything over medicore. Can anyone name any putting out great food? Let me think…

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You’re absolutely right. Even my go-to Asian places (in this area, at least) fail to provide a “WOW factor”. I have had many fine meals, don’t get me wrong, but none that I have said, “Wow, that was incredible!”


Do you remember the coconut place in airport plaza? They had some decent Chinese and some Malaysian food. I’m not a Malaysian expert but I remember some good dishes from there.

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Yes, Coconut Forest. Very good Chinese/Malaysian. My family actually ate there two years in a row on Christmas Eve. Best restaurant to ever occupy that spot, and there have been quite a few.


I had the chilaquiles at Lenora’s. Amazing!


Find sublime whole fish at Trama’s Trattoria in West End neighborhood of Long Branch. Last night the special was whole red snapper with broccoli rabe pesto.