Need to use thawed out random deveined shrimp.

They are probably about 16 to pound, shell split but on.

I thought I would make them Saturday, then Sunday. I had a meeting, it’s 10 PM Monday, and dinner is done, but I think I better cook them.

I’m thinking shrimp salad, and of course checked with Serious Eats

Shrimp Rolls (New England–Style Seafood Sandwiches) Recipe

Shrimp Salad With Butter Lettuce and Pumpernickel Bread Recipe

These were poached to 170 f.

I’m going to peel them, add some dressing, and save for lunch.

That’s a lot of shrimp salad!

Maybe curry? (Not Steph).

I remember shrimp toast at that place folks went for 16th birthdays in Manhattan in the 70’s.

Maybe too late, but what are some other ideas? What would you do with typical, medium to large poached shrimp? And shrimp shells. Sometimes I think the shells of some shrimp are more valued than the shrimp itself!

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I have passed on the shrimp salad. Shrimp on the side of a salad with cocktail sauce. I like them separate.


I can’t EVER remember ordering shrimp salad.

Serious Eats Shrimp Toast

Baked shrimp toast

Actually one of my go to quick meals is some spinach fettuccini, tossed with the shrimp, feta cheese, some scallions, evoo, s&p and a squeeze of lemon juice.
I think the 7 or 8 minutes to cook the pasta is the longest part of the meal! (eaten even quicker!)

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One of my favorite sandwiches ever was a shrimp salad / crab cake club sandwich at a little diner type place in Maryland. Absolutely better than the sum of its parts.


Scampi. Butter, garlic, whatever else your favorite recipes call for.


That’s what I usually do when I thaw them and use them right away. I use some of the “shrimp my way” ideas from “How To Cook Everything” or something like that.

Thanks all. And I slightly undercooked the poached shrimp, and took a chance heating them gently in the mayo dressing, convincing myself it was just oil and eggs. It didn’t suck!

Did you save and freeze the shells? Those could be used to make a stock and then for risotto or cooking other grains if you don’t want to do a seafood soup

Thanks, I thought that!

I poached the shrimp in their shells ( maybe that’s why the poaching temp didn’t cook them enough) then tossed them in the garbage.

But I make some fierce seafood broth with shrimp shells and crab shell when it’s “dungie”/dungeness season.

Shrimp tacos with coleslaw or pico de Gallo and avocado. Corn on the cob on the side. Strawberry Margaritas.

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Shrimp wontons!

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Tacos and wontons sound perfect. And dumplings!

And I made some mostly chicken, but also shrimp shell stock, that tastes like good chicken stock to me.