Need some spaghetti inspiration

Saute some shallot & some garlic; add 1 c tomato puree, 1 c heavy cream & add any fresh herb. you can add grilled chicken or sausage or any meat you like really.

Mussels marinara - mussels are cheap right now.

Artichoke sauce - I don’t have a recipe handy but there are lots online.

Spaghetti scrambled eggs with peas (or broccoli or spinach). You can use bacon or ham, if you like meat.

Or you can make laksa.

Or Khao soi.

There are many different recipes for wheat noodle curry soups. I often keep it simple and just use yellow or red curry paste, coconut milk, broth and some tofu or other protein to make the noodle soup. Add whatever garnishes you have around, red chilies, bean sprouts, herbs, lime, etc.

I wish I had too many noodles… :slight_smile:

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Just made this last night, it was pure comfort food on a snowy evening. Doesn’t call for pasta but I couldn’t resist :wink:

One of my favorite spaghetti dishes is very simple; just pasta, butter, parmesan cheese and black pepper.


Thanks for your inspirations everyone! I will start making my way through them and let you know how it goes :smiley:


Ooh! Ooh!

I have another one.

Spaghetti Nero:

I’ve never made this but I’m going to have to give it a try.

Filipino Spaghetti with hot dogs and banana ketchup:

For me it will need some mr zippie added, like a little sambal.

Speaking of spaghetti, hot dogs & ketchup:

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I like this out of the cupboard combination, tuna from can, a lot of lemon juice, garlic, zest, thyme and a bit of chopped caper add a lot of parmesan, olive oil and black pepper.

Another classic chez naf: mushroom with cream, garlic and herb spaghetti.

In summer, quite often I make this summer pasta: cherries tomatoes, lots of herbs (basil works very well, but you can use any herbs) garlic, vinegar

Especially since it’s 20 degrees outside, pantry-based pastas like that one and puttanesca are very satisfying. The benefits of a well-stocked (some FOOLS might say overstocked) pantry. Honestly pasta with white clam sauce right out of the jar or can with extra parmesan and plenty of black pepper is a great meal when you’re sick, or just tired.


That w/clams suggestion is a Home Run, VK!

I think I’m gonna go and invent a recipe: 100 Mussels with pasta. :grin:


When I see a package of salami ends in the deli section of the supermarket, I slice them thinly saute them along with onion, then mix with basil pesto and spaghetti, plus a splash of milk or cream. I ave no idea if this bears any relation to an established recipe.

Tossed with a spicy peanut sauce - essentially peanut butter thinned with stock, some chili pepper flakes, a little soy, some chopped scallions. Yummy hot or cold.


I’ve done this and felt it really improved the chewiness of the noodle. However, thorough rinsing is required to remove the baking soda flavor.


If you haven’t made this, please don’t assume it’s just a red sauce like you’ve had but are bored with. I suddenly had easy access to guanciale and Pecorino so I went with the ATK technique. My advice is, be stringent on these specific ingredients. They’re few so one weak link makes it dangerously blah.

I use:
-home-grated Pecorino (half in the sauce, half at the table)
-guanciale, rough-chopped
-red pepper flakes
-one large can plum tomatoes and juice, crushed
-splash of vodka (untraditional and purely to release the tomatoes’ alcohol-soluble flavor compounds)
-a good-quality spaghetti, plus some of its cooking water

That’s it. No olive oil, no garlic, no onion, no basil or other herbs. Maybe salt? But very little because the Pecorino is salty and I use a fair amount of both it and the guanciale. Honestly, it’s one of the most deeply flavorful things I’ve ever eaten. It just blows me away.


Butter, garlic, and Maggi seasoning sauce. A tiny splash of fish sauce and black pepper. Tossed and fried in a pan so some of the noodles crisp up. Yum!

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You know I would throw a little chopped green onion on that.

I second you here, although Guanciale is hard to find in the USA. It does lend unique depth to a sauce, and creates one of those sauces that is actually better made a day ahead. Your prep sound like the classic Pasta all’Amatriciana, which I think tradiationally uses Perciatelli pasta (a long tubed spaghetti shape). Here’s a version by Batali using Bucatini (which might be identical to Perciatelli) and proposing Pancetta as a sub for Guanciale. But try to find Guinciale if possible: