Need new 8 qt pot

Overwhelmed by a lot of brands I’ve no experience with. I have/had an 8 qt scanpan pot that was irretrievably ruined by a bad burn job.
I have 2 stock pots and a large Dutch oven but the 8 qt has a heaviness that is better for beans and sauces. I don’t want to spend $500, I don’t want enamel cast iron and am not inclined to keep copper shiny.
Have looked at fissler, demeyere, mauviel, …
Basically looking for a 7-8 qt bean pot with lid that will go from burner to oven.
Will appreciate any suggestions/opinions.

I think they will work pretty well for you. Have you considered something even cheaper like Calphalon or Cuisinart?

Do you have a Home Goods or Marshalls near you, they are hit or miss but often have a nice selection. Fissler in particular at Home Goods is half the price it is anywhere else.

I second the recommendation for TJMaxx/Marshall’s/HomeGoods. I frequently find good deals on both All-Clad and Calphalon there. (8 qt pots seemed to be popular there this past December!) One of the Marshall’s stores near me had All-Clad 8 qt pots for only $199. I know the All-Clad pots have stainless lids, but I don’t know if the Calphalon lids are SS or glass.

I have an 8 quart Calphanon that I bought at Home Goods last year. It has a glass lid with metal handle. Have no idea if it’s oven safe, as I don’t put those types of pots in the oven (I use ceramic baking dishes with foil or my Le Creuset for things like that). But it’s a nice heavy pot that cooks evenly. I think I paid around $85 for it.

This is the one I got – description says it’s ovensafe:

Hi. I agree. I remember almost all Calphalon nonstick cookware is oven safe up to 450oF. (I believe that is just limited by the nonstick coating)

Walmart has a couple lines of Tramontina. The top one has a heavy triple core bottom & metal handles so it can go in the oven… They go around $45 or $55 for the size you want. I have a couple & I use them a lot. I’m happy.

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Thanks all for the comments. I should have mentioned it’s for a special present which is why I am looking at the $$ pots. If anyone has praise or criticism on the fissler line, please let me know as that’s what I am leaning toward.

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