Need help with this recipe for King Kampachi Crudo. With Calabrian Chili vinaigrette

There doesn’t seem to be a way to ask questions on the site.

I understand it was developed for a restaurant or something, but I love vinaigrettes that keep, and wonder if I can use the ideas at home.

First, I understand I am pouring off the oil on top, but how does a recipe that has 3 cups of vegetable oil and an additional 1/4 cup of olive oil make 1 cup of vinaigrette?

Do I need to think about paparika oil and the chili vinaigrette separately? One lasts indefinitely, the other “months”.

I am trying to use preserved lemons plus a bit of sugar for the confit lemon zest. Am I missing anything?

I just bought some king Kampachi from Crowd Cow, but hope I can use the ideas beyond that.


I read a few times, I don’t know why they use the term vinaigrette when there is no vinegar or acidity in the first spice oil mix. The vinaigrette is in fact the infused paprika oil, you only use 1/4 cup of that 3 cups mixture for the chili vinaigrette recipe, which has 1/4 cup of paprika oil, 1/4 chili oil, 1/4 olive oil plus other remaining ingredients, makes 1 cup.

I guess you can heat less vegetable oil to make your paprika oil (vinaigrette). One needs to estimate approximately how much spent oil or solid one needs to discard.

Please let us know how your chili vinaigrette turns out, sounds interesting.


I agree with @naf’s interpretation. You make a batch of the paprika-infused oil and use that to make the vinaigrette. If you follow the recipe you’ll end up making a whole lot more infused oil than you need for the recipe but you can save it. I’d probably guess on the proportions and make about about I needed as I already have too many infused oils (no surprise there)

The recipe itself sounds really good. I’m always looking for new crudo recipes for when Mr Bean gets home from fishing. Thx


“I guess you can heat less vegetable oil to make your paprika oil (vinaigrette). One needs to estimate approximately how much spent oil or solid one needs to discard.”

That’s what I did, but I’m sure my proportions were way off, and I used “Fermented Crushed Calabrian Chili Peppers”, and they seem to be referring to something dried.

Right or wrong peppers, that oil looks good. I won’t tell if you don’t

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Thanks everyone ! I am at this step. I will focus on my 1/4 cup of paprika oil.

For the chili vinaigrette:

Whisk ¼ cup paprika oil with remaining ingredients in a medium bowl . Set aside 1/2 cup for recipe and store remainder in airtight container in refrigerator. Will last months and makes a good salad dressing.

I don’t have much experience making or eating crudo, but I really enjoyed it.

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I don’t know how to make this, but reading the description in the recipe I believe they were not talking about dried peppers, and really were asking for something very much like what you used. I get the impression that “la bomba” is a prepared spread or sauce made from “the right peppers”, and that you therefore had a slightly enhanced but fairly similar overall result to what was intended. (The brand they recommended sells “la bomba” and also sells what looks like a plainer version of the same peppers.)

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