Need a no-fail plain poundcake for strawberry shortcake

I need to make a few Bundt cakes to feed strawberry shortcake to a crowd. (Not going the biscuit route as cake will go over better with the under-2 set).

Can anyone recommend a foolproof recipe for a poundcake in a Bundt pan?

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This isn’t as traditional, but what about boxed angel food cake? Super easy! My mom did this often for us when we would have early summer parties with strawberry shortcakes.

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Here’s the pound cake recipe I like - you can skip the lemon, and it scales easily:

But for strawberry shortcakes, like @gracieggg I’d go with a lighter cake - sponge cake was my first thought (this one is easier than a classic Victoria sponge because there’s no separating eggs):


The original: a pound each of butter, flour, eggs, and sugar.
I’d use brown fro half the sugar.

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My mom bakes a ton and swears by the ina garten recipe- it makes a big cake so you might want to split into two smaller bundts

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I’ve used cream cheese pound cake for strawberry shortcake for years with good results. I prefer it to biscuits, it gets less sodden.


Thanks for all these suggestions!

I feel bad I can’t recommend a recipe - I love pound cake and make a few recipes fairly regularly - but I don’t find any recipe for pound cake “no fail” . . . . they all always taste good but for some reason (I’m assuming my technique is faulty somewhere) every once in a while they either rise an insane amount or rise and collapse. It’s maybe 1 in 10 (guessing there) and a total crap shoot for me.

FWIW, it doesn’t need to be demerara/turbinado. Using granulated white sugar to “flour” a baking pan works a charm. You’d think it would stick or burn, but you’d be wrong. It creates a wonderfully crisp, tasty edge to the slice, and the trick works on any layer, bundt, or loaf cake, as well as cupcakes and muffins.


I like the looks of this and want to try it, but am nervous about splitting it unto two Bundts - will they be full sized? I have this pan:

I only have one pan, but need to make three cakes. So either I have to scale down a big recipe or bake in batches. Does your mom have any advice?

Good tip, will try. Just butter, then sugar?

Oh, so that pan is totally fine, the ina recipe just makes a lot of batter- looks like that pan holds 6cups batter, so you’re going to need 3xs the ina recipe to get 3 bundts but then you will have some leftover. Just be careful not to overfill your bunt and then extra batter can be muffins or a little loaf or whatever.

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I rarely bake…fill about 2/3 full with batter, as with cupcakes?

To be precise use 6 cups of batter in the bundt pan you have- and make sure to oil the pan really well.
It won’t take quite as long to bake as ina recipe so just check a bit earlier. The extra batter you can use for muffins or whatever and of course those will bake faster.

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Many thanks!!!

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Christina, your post inspired me to make the cream cheese pound cake!
I had the strawberries and the heavy cream. So good.


Gorgeous! If I didn’t know better I would have guessed it was chocolate. Did you use a stencil on top while sprinkling the powdered sugar?

Yes it’s pretty dark but no burned taste. I put a doily on top for the sifted sugar.

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Thanks ElsieB!

The crust is actually very nice looking, especially the way you finished it. Beautiful. I’ll have to try that recipe.