Need a new cooking vessel for Chicken Curry

Remember, this revised recipe is double, so 2 cut up chickens minus the wings. Just halve everything if you’re using just one chicken.

When I made the mistake with the spice mix, Tablespoons instead of teaspoons, there wasn’t enough spice mix for all those tablespoons so it could have turned out worse! (When I type up recipes I never abbreviate).

Let me know if you try it. My friends and I love South Indian dishes using coconut milk and curry leaves.

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If I’m working with more than 2 or 3 cloves I use a tall plastic container (usually one of these) that I shake up and down vigorously… works perfectly and then I can empty the skins into the trash,

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Someone makes a shaker gizmo like this for peeling hardboiled eggs. You add a little water and shake vigorously. I have one of them somewhere–it works OK.

Have you every had Karivepaku Kodi Kura / Curry Leaf Chicken Curry?
I make it every time I buy a lot of Curry Leaves and is one of my Favorites. I believe it is from Andhra Pradesh. Quite spicy but you can adjust by reducing the Green Chilies if desired.

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Interesting. I didn’t know that some will sauté curry leaves then grind them into a paste.

There are quite a few recipes that powder or grind Curry Leaves. Podi, Chutneys, Curries, Idli and more.
Podi is a great way to preserve/use them if you have too many!

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We just dry them when they’re abundant and use them when we run out of fresh (which means I use dry about 99% of the time because I’m not going to an Indian store an hour roundtrip at best just for curry leaves :sweat_smile:)

Podi is tasty - but I keep forgetting I have it!

Luckily my Curry Leaf Source is only 10 min.
I have used ones that have dried out in the Fridge as well, better than no Curry Leaves at all!

I’ve been wanting to grow karipatta for fun, but I travel too much (and don’t use curry leaves that often either).

Maybe I’ll get a plant and gift it to a friend nearby who doesn’t travel at all :smiley:

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I grew one for a while but it never seemed to do well enough that I could really harvest much.
Still needed to get them elsewhere when any real quantity was needed.

I bet if you lived in Florida or Hawaii there would be no problem!