Need a new cooking vessel for Chicken Curry

I’m making chicken curry today, using 2 cut up chickens, bone in, minus skin, wings saved in freezer for stock.

My Le Creuset is on the small side, adequate for one chicken.

Today I’ll use a SS big pot but I think I need something more shallow.

Next time I’m in Fremont, I’ll look at what’s available in Indian stores.

Any suggestions here?

Wok this way?

Not suitable. (I have a wok)

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Is your wok too small?
[I fear I’ve done myself in by implanting an ear worm that may last all day: the Run-DMC version!]


I’d say it’s medium, suitable for one chicken. Since there are bones, they take up space. (I had butcher bone out breasts because I didn’t want tiny bones in there.)

I made this once before, delicious recipe, I’ll post later on.

It’s got coconut milk and fresh curry leaves, dried red chilies but no serranos. I’m going to add 2 serranos.

Recipe didn’t call for Kalpasi (Stone Flower) but other Chettinad recipes use about 1 teaspoon per chicken. My daughter has a big bag of it she’s never tried so will use some this time. (Hope I don’t hate it!)

This is what I have but I don’t know if it’s this big, mine would not hold 2 chickens easily.

Mine is probably 3 quarts.

I’ve been saving up for this Amazon Basic 7.3 Quart Dutch Oven. Would this work for you??
Amazon Basics 7.3 Quart Dutch oven

I have a 5.5 Quart, but have had a couple of occasions where it would be nice to have something larger.

If you already like the Le Creuset but want something more shallow, maybe their round wide version would fit the bill? I have one and it’s my go to braiser/rondeau for when I need something wide (around 28 centimeters diameter). I love this more shallow sides versus the regular taller sides.

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I’m afraid it’d be too heavy for me, even without food inside. The one I have now is as heavy as I can handle.

Yes… You are correct, these larger cast iron dutch ovens are quite heavy.

Might be good but I’m not going to spend that much on cookware again. Thanks for showing me.

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I use a 10 inch internal diameter one of these, which is fine to feed 4. Widely used in India, and perfect for curry. You’d need a bigger size, of course, but they’re light and cheap. Ignore the dishwasher-safe claim!

It shows unavailable in USA. Can this hold 2 chickens minus wings?

How many chicken are you cooking? (Curious)

2 chickens, saving wings in freezer for stock. I couldn’t find any chicken under 4 lbs at WF.

That is a lot meat. Do you have a stock pot? Your Tramontina looks like a good choice. Just make sure it is not too wide for your stove

I have an All Clad like the Tramontina but it can only hold 1 chicken so I’ll use my SS stock pot.

I feel like my 4 qt. Tramontina ECI braiser is good for 1 chicken, so you probably would want something around 7 qt. for 2 chickens. That being said, as much as I love my 6qt. ECI Lodge dutch oven, I really love my Tramontina, so that’s where I’d cast my vote.

They also have a 9 qt. SS version for about $20 less on Amazon. I would imagine the SS would be lighter than the ECI.


This is the Cuisinart SS pot I’m using for now:

I was just about to say a stock pot. Any reason you don’t like this stock pot and want something much flatter?