Napa is open for dine in!

Just got an email from Farmstead at Longmeadow Ranch.

It’s frustrating. Would we love to be doing our regular driving trips around Northern CA? Heck, yeah.

ARE we doing to do it when COVID cases are still on the rise, photos of crowds smashed up against one another without masks that want to come visit Napa in summer? Probably not.

Like one of my friends said in a recent email, “Going to dine-in restaurants is #100 on my list of Top 50 things I’m going to do when the lockdown ends.”

But one of these days…fingers crossed.


I understand.

FWIW, we last went in March, just before everything went sideways, and it was nothing like that. Farmstead already had most tables blocked off, and there were no crowds smashing up.

“photos of crowds smashed up against one another without masks that want to come visit Napa in summer”

I have not seen these. Am I missing something?

I found this; More about the wineries, but I guess thars why most folks come.

Bring your own mask: Napa Valley wineries get ready for reopening

We live nearby, and husband sometimes goes for takeout from Ad Hoc, and they seem to be handling curbside pick up well. Same for Rutherford Grill.

I have to say that I am glad that communities are getting a bit of leeway in terms of how each handles this. Just like our Bay area microclimates, our counties and cities can be so different, and what is right for San Franciso, may not be right for Dixon.

Re my comment about crowds - I don’t think you’ve missed anything, but assume you have seen the many photos of beaches everywhere in the US over Memorial Day Weekend where social distancing and masks were very noticeable by their absence:

We were in Napa and Sonoma at the beginning of February - during Restaurant Week, in fact - because off-season is always a fine time to travel to the Wine Country.

But once Memorial Day hits [normally], we avoid both counties until after Labor Day. Being retired, we prefer to skirt both crowds and traffic by traveling Tues-Sat, so we’re returning home in the opposite direction of weekend traffic.

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Farmstead…I was so excited I forgot to take pictures after the appetizers.

Deviled eggs


Beet salad


We ate dinner on the patio at La Salette on Saturday night. Weather was perfect and the food was amazing.


dinner on the patio at La Salette>>

Nice! I was really sorry when their sibling restaurant, Cafe Lucia in Healdsburg, closed. We had some excellent meals there over the years it was open.

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Dine-in restaurants, bars, and schools (in that order) should be the last places to open. Opinion of course, but…petri dishes.

Sigh. We haven’t been back since that initial flurry. And today is our 30th anniversary. I am hoping for famcy take out later this week.

Happy anniversary!

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Thank you. Today I’m celebrating with mango jello.

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Which makes me think of Thai sticky rice and mango for dessert. I think we have a mango. I’m sure we have sticky rice.

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As of today, open for dining outside.

Sort of weird since we are closer to Napa than we are to most of the Bay Area, most if not all of which is on a stay at home order.

So…we should stay home, but can get take out, and dine outside in Napa.

That order says Sonoma, but not Napa, is included! How weird is that?

We (Solano County) still had enough ICU beds yesterday.

This one says Napa too.

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^ Not going there!

But we used to go here ! We used to go to the Ahwahnee for their Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking demos and festivities when we first moved to California.

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So, everyone from the Bay Area going to eat in Napa during the holidays, bring all the virus with them then…?

Ther viruses and their money… Sounds like that’s what happened in Yosemite according to the link in my last post.

But I think Napa shuts down late tonight. Farmstead was still taking reservations tonight, but not after that.

And then there’s Tahoe.

Seems most unwise.

I think you were responding to an email we got several openings and closings ago. We had a reservation for tommorow, and got a text canceling it. We weren’t going, but we could dream.