Nameko Mushrooms

Just selected several mushrooms in my CSA box.

King of mushroom says

“Nameko mushrooms are best suited for cooked applications such as sautéing, grilling, or boiling. The gelatinous covering on the caps acts as a natural thickener and is often used in soups, stews, risotto, and sauces. The best way to enhance the thickening agent is to sauté the mushrooms. To create a caramelization or glaze, it is recommended to roast or grill the mushrooms with meat and vegetables”

Sauteing, grilling, broiling? So high heat, low liquid?

Another reference says Avoid low temp cooking with little liquid, which can move the texture of this gel towards okra .

Another says "When sautéed, this mushroom’s silky texture and vibrant orange color are spectacular. "

I don’t get it, and I’ve already opened the package because when I finally got home today, and opened my box, they seemed to be accumulating liquid.

I should probably make soup, but its not really my thing. Anybody have experience with these?

My first experiment would be to take a small amount and cook it dry in a nonstick pan. I’d start with lower heat and see how it goes. This should give you an idea of how much gel is exuded and what the flavor is like. That info should help you choose the next direction.

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Yay! To the rescue!

No obvious gel.

Its getting late, so I will probably soon try the roasting for the glaze idea.

Uh oh.

Taste good.


Great you succeed to save them. When mushroom are not very fresh to begin with, it’s never easy.

Thank you. Wasn’t sure if they were “spoiling” or not. Apparently they grow with “gel” that keeps them from drying.

Thanks a lot, this really is a truly awesome recipes. I think it could also be useful for everyone.

Welcome @Best_Johnson, glad that you join the friendly Hungry Onion. Feel at ease to participate all the food discussions.

You are right about that part, but I assumed it more from the stalks in brownish colour…but those could be marks from transportation. Did you washed the gel off or you keep them when cooking?

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I also have

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Is this a CSA from a mushroom grower? That is quite a challenge having to figure out what to do with so much highly perishable foods!

It’s a very large “CSA” around here; not just mushrooms. I was given a choice and chose these mushrooms, but didn’t keep the invoice. Some seem common; others not so much. I did notice brand name “Mycopia” though. I’ve been getting these boxes for at least 20 years, and I never noticed that before.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!


Found the invoice.