Name a Useless Cookware You Have

A lot of peppermill are not very good, but I honesty think my Vic Firth peppermill is very good (now known as Fletchers’)

I’ve never heard of a wet salt mill. How is it supposed to work, and what’s the rationale?

I suspect that it is use for sea salt which has not been dried thoroughly.

"Wet Salts

Are all those Sea Salts that have not undergone an artificial drying process and some retain the natural moisture content up to a maximum of 4% and others only suffered a centrifuge process with a maximum moisture level of 2%."

Some people believe that the wet sea salt to be more nature (I think).

One of our daughters gave me the Peugeot probably ten years ago. Works perfectly and comes apart easily/peasily :slight_smile:

I use a tablespoon/small serving spoon. Seems to perfectly fit most avocados. That gizmo to me is the high bar of one trick ponies :slight_smile:

Try putting some wet salt in it

The wet salt that I want to put is a grey salt (sel gris) 14% in humidity, like fleur de sel, but bigger in size, not very salty, but much more tastier and more mineral.

I will try my last time to dry up the whole thing, dry up a bit the salt…

It only cost 3 bucks…

Now THAT’S a deal!!!

This tomato knife. It’s not a normal serrated knife. It’s like a pruning saw and I keep it in the garage. This is the most useless but all my Henckels knives are not used. Once I found my $5 Kiwi knife, all the rest went into storage.

(It’s only about 6 inches long. The photo angle makes it look like a chef’s knife.)

You don’t use it because it doesn’t work or that you don’t need a special knife for tomatoes?

I don’t like the way it cuts. It saws. A regular, sharp knife works fine and predictably. Even a wavy-edged serrated knife is better. It really digs into the cutting boards too even when just using normal pressure. I found myself stopping before cutting all the way through so I’d not saw the board.

This one cuts rough and just weird when you first start the cut.

I found out I don’t need a specific tomato knife.

I use my bread knife for tomatoes.

I love my Wusthof tomato knife. It doesn’t tear at all. I also have the reverse wavy artisan prep knife.

Oh yeah. That is bad.

Mine is great too . The serrated edge is like a bread knife . The forked end of the blade is nice . Thanks for reminding me . Time to start using it again .

My tomato knife (well, actually it’s not specified for tomatoes). It’s just a smaller version of bread knife. Cuts pretty well.

I was raised in a house without a dishwasher - in fact I never used one until my mid-twenties. My mom was the oldest of seven kids, so dishes for our family of four never bothered her after washing up for 9+ people for years. Now I have one, but use it so rarely that I often end up just using it to store cookie sheets and bulky/heavy pans.

I also have a brother who gives me some sort of seen-on-tv nonsense every Christmas. I currently have, but have not used, the Bacon Bowl, Veggetti, and some sort of make-your-own Pudding Pops kits. Maybe I should try them all out one day…

My Chinese cleaver. I find it heavy and not the right tool for most of my chopping needs. For vegetables, I have a santoku and a Japanese chef’s knife. For cutting up carcasses, I use my German chef’s knife.

I wanted to love my cleaver. My grandparents only used a wicked sharp cleaver and a paring knife for everything. This appeals to my minimalist sensibilities, but it’s not for me.

It is possible that your Chinese cleaver isn’t a particularly good one, and that your grandparents were using a better one.

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