“ NAKAMORI, 2803 Eglinton East, Scarborough “ - Utterly flabbergasted by their scrumptious daily Bento-box luncheon offering.

“ NAKAMORI, 2803 Eglinton East, Scarborough “ - Utterly flabbergasted by their scrumptious daily Bento-box luncheon offering.

If ever there is a delightfully enjoyable, ‘ bang-for-the-buck ‘ meal in the GTA, Nakamori’s special daily luncheon bento box offering must rank at or near the top of such consideration.

With no errands planned and no medical appointments to attend, Rosy and I decided to take advantage of this rare freedom and have a relaxing outing. Watching a matinee Omnimax movie - “ Planet Earth “ at the Science Centre came to mind. The outcome was a most educational, entertaining and surprisingly awesome show.

Hoping to carry-through the above unexpected surprise, we decided to revisit one of our past Japanese Omakase favorites - Nakamori, for lunch. …which was just a short drive along Eglinton East. And were we glad we did!

For just $37, our lunch consisted

of the following:

  • Arugula salad with ginger dressing and garlic toast square
  • Seaweed Miso soup
  • Bento box of:
    Shrimp, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Tempura
    Teriyaki Chicken with mixed stirred fry vegetables
    Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella cheese salad with Yuzu dressing
    4 pieces of Nigiri Sushi
    Maguro and Salmon Sashimi

To the above, we also added for dessert the following:

  • Roasted Matcha Tea Creme Brulee
  • Chocolate Souffle

Looking at the meticulous way the Chef dresses each single piece of the Tempura Shrimp with a dollop of Wasabi Mayo, the inclusion of ‘Toro’ in one of the nigiri pieces and augmenting a normally, stand-alone and bare, Teriyaki chicken piece with some fine looking stirred fry mixed vegetables, we know we were in for a treat……and were we right! The food was all lovingly prepared and indeed wonderfully delectable. The tempura, with the lightest of batter ( by GTA standard ) was piping hot and greaseless. The Teriyaki Chicken accompanied with a light but super-tasty sauce, the Sashimi pieces especially the Tuna were pristined fresh…and Yes!..that piece of melt-in-the-mouth TORO!!

To finish off, our dessert provided us with a most memorable and tasty ending. We were surprised that this tiny, cozy and obscure Japanese restaurant could come up with one of the most enjoyable, freshly baked ‘ Chocolate Souffle ‘ we have eaten in the GTA for a long while. The Roasted Matcha Creme Brulee was another winner! The artistic plate presentation was another stand-out surprise!

As I alluded above, for the quality and quantity of food we were presented. At only $37, this Japanese Bentobox lunch was more than a STEAL!!!

I shall return!!


I always love it when Chiaki and Nobu Nakamori win a new fan. They are a an amazing couple who really care about what they do.

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