Naha, Japan

You will be in Naha City? We had a good time there in April.

Enjoyed a fun restaurant housed in a very unique building. You can see the name in front.

Huge menu. Ranging from sashimi to cooked items to grilled whole fish. The line cooks work in an open kitchen and pass the finished dishes on a 6 foot paddle.

Sample pages from the 8 page menu. Little English, but pictures do the job.

Everyone gets a starter of clams. You prep yourself on your own mini hotpot.

Fun presentations.

Favorite dish. Squid ink pasta with baby octopus.


We enjoyed a few “real” izaka, with a dozen seats in front of a smoky grill. Also Japanese pubs where one sits cross legged (painfully)on the floor at a knee height table. This restaurant was not particularly authentic, but a fun environment where one can choose from a wide variety of seafood, meat, poultry, veggies, sakes and beer-u.


Nice! What’s the name to look up? I’m in Naha right now. Since yesterday, actually.

Thanks, Klyeoh.

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Get you the name and address when get home. On the phone in car right now.

Since we have our own Okinawa thread. :slight_smile:

We hit up a real genuine neighborhood restaurant. I can find the name if anyone is interested.

We were probably the only gaijin in the joint. No English on the menu or from the service staff.

Folks around us were drinking good an smoking freely. Ah, like the good old days.

The servers were very busy, but they did try their best to help us navigate through the menu and procedures. We learned to like highballs!!

Wife was in heaven. Three whole fish.

Tempura and chicken karaage was crisp and greaseless, per usual in Japan.

Gotta have goya.

Finished with some onigiri. Life is good.


Nice one, if you can find the name of the place. :yum:
Did you order by pointing the dish of the next table? Or you read Japanese?
Okinawa is interesting indeed!

Some Japanese characters are close enough to Chinese so my wife could guess maybe 2 words out of 10. When it comes to chow, she is amazingly resourceful.

We did some homework before dining. Browsed the pictures on the web so we had an idea of what they offered and what we wanted.

I’ll try to get name and addy when I get on a pc.

Waiting to pickup our China visa for our Beijing trip next week. Their embassy really makes one jump through hoops. I have a dozen China visas over three American passports, but they still grill me and make me bend over. Glad that these are 10 year visas now, at least.

Yes, this looks like my favorite from the area we were staying in a touristy stretch of Onna area last March. Called Seafood Restaurant Island on google maps, it had excellent salt-grilled fish.


Wow, that! Still now! Because of your handle « google » probably ! Mine just expired this year !

Yeah, but “BING” gourmet just doesn’t have the same zing. :slight_smile:

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Names and addresses of the two izakayas mentioned upthread.

The one with the huge menu, in a fun atmosphere.

Mekiki No Ginji, Naha Okinawa.

The neighborhood izakaya with no English.