“ My-Wonderful-Kitchen, Richmond Hill; aka ‘ Michelin’ in Cantonese “ - What a meal!......Food quality, death spiraled down like a star being sucked into a black hole as the dinner progressed!

Based on past reputation, for our weekly family dinner gathering, we have high hopes and anticipation in selecting this popular refined Cantonese cuisine eatery for our venue.

Our meal started off with a spectacular bang that featured a wonderfully executed and delightfully enjoyable ‘ Roasted Suckling Piglet Platter ‘. The wafer textured, ultra-crisp skin was superb. The Seaweed and Jellyfish accompaniment, well seasoned and delicious. Easily one of the best Roasted Suckling Piglets in the GTA.

The follow up dish of an uncommon ‘ Tea smoked premium soy poached free range chicken ‘ was dramatically presented at our table……influenced by tonight’s Oscar presentation? Ha! The smokiness and taste profile of both the sauce and chicken was enticing. A top-notched chicken dish!

Though nothing special, the ‘ Seafood Faux Crab meat ‘ dish was run-of-the-mill acceptable, the portion quite generous.

Sadly, the meal dropped off the cliff and spiraled quickly downwards from there!

The supposedly crunchy/crisp ‘ Fried Oyster with Golden Garlic and Honey Pepper Glaze ‘ lacked crispiness being replaced by an excessively wet batter layer with mushy sponge-like texture.

The ‘ Sauteed Angus Beef Cubes with Thai Basil ‘ was void of any desired wok-hay element. The taste profile was overwhelmed by an overpowering ‘Celery’ aroma and taste component despite none were present in the dish. The meat was unexpectedly rough and chewy. And…BTW……where’s the Basil?..we tasted none!

The ‘ Stirred Fry Gai-Lan ( Chinese Kale ) with Sun Dried Tile Fish ‘ was bland and also lacked the oomph of wok-hay goodness. A sad rendition of the exceptionally tasty creation made famous by O’Mei.

The deterioration of quality culminated in a disastrous finale! An ‘ OFF ‘ Dessert Soup of Diced Taro and Tapioca ‘ that was lukewarm and tasted…stale and sour!! Yeeuck!! No apologies were given when a complaint was launched discretely to the manager!

PS: They charge an exorbitant $48 for a pre-ordered Roasted Pigeon, when the average price for such a dish by their neighborhood competitors is only $38!!!..and you all know what this means?!