“My” thread and “Their” Thread

I want to open this discussion because there are some very strong opinions being shared on the platforms/playgrounds/sandboxes.

For me my thread = Pride

For others my thread = nails on a chalkboard.

I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone I just like to build things and take pride in what I do.

It does not mean that I own the thread because the thread belongs to everyone.
I just had a vision and created it.

Recently, I found myself typing Linda’s thread and has to retype WFD, before I posted, as not to offend anyone.

I think of it as certain peoples threads because that’s how I remember their interests.

And gosh darn it when I need a laugh:
I’m searching @bbqboy, @Respectfully_Declined and most recently @DaBadger etc. posts.

For knives, I know some of the posters from another forum yet @Chemicalkinetics, I look for her posts for knives and also group her with trying a new to me alcoholic beverage (because she is new to me).

I will try to remember to name the thread instead.

Thoughts everyone?

Is there a better way to define/ describe a thread that you would prefer to hear?

Let the Discussion begin !



Just kidding.


:laughing: Thanks for the laugh,
I can always count on you for a good chuckle @Respectfully_Declined !

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Mostly confusion???

I quite like both your topics and replies, and don’t recall one I thought should be re-written (except for maybe this one (c; ) … as I just don’t understand what you’re looking to discuss.


However, it’s not my thread. I create them now because I did so back on CH, and it became habit when I was booted from CH and heard about HO. And it’s one of the few threads I post on.

I’ve always liked to create a monthly “theme” to make for an interesting or silly start to the thread, and I guess people have become accustomed to me opening up the new month. Just as a couple of people create the COTM threads or the Quarterly Cuisine threads, I do so for the WFD threads.

But anyone can a new one at the start of the month (and I’ve said that multiple times in the past), and (hopefully) post the link in the previous month’s thread to direct the frequent users of those threads.

But yeah. The name of the thread is how I identify any thread here on HO. Not as attached to any one person.


Thank you @ScottinPollock,
I very much enjoy your posts as well.
This topic was created because of mention elsewhere over several platforms by different people.
I guess, that I created it to find a way as to not offend posters who cringe when they hear “my” thread.

My brain just works differently.
Because I’m new, one way for me to get to know people is to categorize them by their interests.
That includes posts and topics that they create.
Hence, the “my” and “their” thread syndrome.

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Weird :persevere:
The 1st rule of forum club is don’t discuss forum club.
Besides, we hashed this all out in 2007 or so.
We are a living dinosaur.
Don’t slay the beast.


What platforms, what people?

I haven’t seen anything you have posted here that would offend any reasonable person. Please help me understand this.

Let me know if I am misunderstanding you… but for me, if I am struggling with a member’s posts here (more than a few times), I look up their profile. I first look at their topics to see if any are of interest to me. If not, I then look at their replies to evaluate if any are helpful, or even reasonable. If not, I add them to my ignore list (which I have only done a couple/few times).

I still feel this is one of, if not the best food forums. Most folks here seem amazingly helpful and supportive, over and above any other food forum I have been a member of. And a thumbs up to the Mods as well.


@bbqboy mentioned it politely as an explanation and more of an FYI (not offended)
Someone else mentioned it and I can’t find that post at the moment.

Then a Moderator mentioned it and it got me to thinking…
How many from this community PM/DM that poor moderator ?
Who quite frankly has better things to do with their time then deal with this type of nonsense.
I guess, just trying to lighten their load because I do very much appreciate everything that they do.

While I tend to mute topics like WFD and monthly/quarterly (insert descriptor here), I’d like to see the topics/replies you posted that folks had issues with (maybe PM me with them).

AFAIAC, you are an exemplary member here!

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Also posted this topic because I am a repeat offender of the “my “ thread offence.

I am not sure what you are asking or trying to get at. I think you are asking if people feel like they “own” a thread that they start. I think you are wondering if people feel that the originator of a post should have some control over what happens in the post. That as the person who posted the topic should feel slighted or offended if the topic gets a bit off topic or in some other way “hijacked” from the original intent of the post. Is that what you are asking?


That’s not what I’m getting at here at all.

I need some time to think of different wording to make myself more clear.
Please give me a moment and I’ll think about it.

Anyone else please do keep contributing as you may spark inspiration for me on how to describe things a little better.


When I think of threads it’s in terms of the title or topic.

I don’t know that I’ve ever thought of a thread in terms of who started it, whether I’m the OP or not, and don’t ascribe ownership of threads to a specific individual. Other than the WFD threads, I’m not certain I could attach an OP to a specific thread.

I’ve been on HO since fairly early on (and was on CH for years before that). I’m here for the content/learning/serendipitous discoveries, less-so the personalities/personas we each choose to project/present.

Shorter answer to this thread title, it’s not “My” thread or “Their” thread. It’s simply “A thread about X”.


For me, it’s not about ownership yet rather associating people with threads to know which topics to follow because I enjoyed their topic or post.
Or if I have a specific question then I can ask that poster either using the @ feature or PM/DM for a recipe/alcohol or kitchen gadget.
Just because I’ve associated their thread with their specific interests.

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I know you’re relatively new here, (4 months?) so you may not be familiar with the dropdown box at the bottom of each thread.

You can select how you can consume threads: “Watch” (you’re notified of every new post in a topic), “Track” (the topic appears in your latest list and you are notified if someone replies to you or tags you with an @ sign), “Normal” (you’re only notified if someone tags you with an @) or “Muted” (no notifications at all as if the topic never even existed).

Additionally if you are interested in a particular poster, you can “follow” that user via your profile and see any of their posts which you may have missed

By using these tools provided by the software you won’t need to remember associations as your time here (and the posts added) accumulate.


OK, so that’s how you personally choose to view each thread. Why does it matter how others view or look for particular threads or topics?


Might I suggest that you stop worrying about stepping on each individual toe. You can’t please all the people all the time. Just keep going the way you are and you will eventually fit in just fine. Trust me.


No he isn’t He is a strict rule follower if ever there was one. The kind who bugs for pics and then can’t be bothered. Joking.

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serendipitous discoveries are life