My Spaghetti Taco Mess

It was ugly, but it didn’t taste too bad, and it was filling. I had some leftover ground beef with taco seasoning, and I mixed it into some thin spaghetti with sour cream, and topped it off with shredded cheddar and sliced jalapenos. Not exactly gourmet, but a few tweaks might make it a new comfort food.

Anyone have a similar mess that they’ve come up with?

Not at all a mess, but I used my Bolognese as a baked potato topping with broccoli. It was damn good! Taco meat would work nicely on a baked badada, too.

ETA: I also repurposed it as a “rice bowl” meal when I ran out of the fresh pasta I had bought.

The bolognese on a baked potato sounds good. Was the broccoli a side dish or was it on the potato?

I was trying to find a picture as I can see it in my mind’s eye, but no dice. I put the broccoli on there, too. :slight_smile:

Spaghetti tacos were “a thing” a little while back for kids who watched this tv show…

As a kid i remember fondly a baked spaghetti “pie” , basically leftover spaghetti and sauce mixed with a few eggs and cheese, pressed into a pie tin and baked.

Lawdy. When I first read this, I thought 'but… but… where’s the taco part? Then I realized you were referring to the seasoning.

Shame, because I’d have lurved to see a picture of a spaghetti-stuffed taco. Not that I’d eat it :smiley: