My riff on Pancit Canton...

Continually inspired by the beautiful and informative posts of Klyeoh (Peter), I took on preparation of a Malaysian noodle dish for dinner last night. Final thoughts first: the ingredient prep to produce SE Asian Hawker food plates is, to say the least, labor intensive! I took away from my prep work, a very real appreciation for the Hawker cooks who specialize in offering their customers complex meals of “Comfort Food”.

I started with a basic recipe I Googled for Pancit Canton. I subbed out the meats the dish normally contains with mushrooms and bell pepper, to make it Vegetarian. This is what the ingredient list looked like:

This if the finished prep work:

Unfortunately, the photos of the meal hot out of the skillet, didn’t turn out. I’ll update this post when we have the leftovers for dinner tonight.

Our meal was wonderful. Well worth the effort!


Following along. Interested in learning more.

Pancit is Filipino, not Malaysian. :grin:

I did a bit of reading earlier and found this definition:
Pancit Canton or literally translated as “cantonese noodles” is the Filipino interpretation of Chinese stir-fried noodles.

Sounds delicious and very ingredient friendly.

My bad. I didn’t read the description closely enough…

As long as you enjoyed it, it’s all good!