My favorite timer

I have many timers but one is my fav and of course is no longer available. I like its simplicity, its loud ring and it counts time up from when it rings done. If I’m out in the yard and come in, the timer shows time elapsed since it rang. Long ago I had a 3 channel timer that had dif sounds for each channel. Haven’t seen anything similar. It’s the simple, loud, count up at the end type I’m searching for. Any suggestions?

Thank you. Perfect just what I wanted!!!

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I just use my phone these days. I can be timing dozens of things, and have different labels and rings for each. Some repeat each day for medicine, wake up, appointments, or time to start dinner prep. Several might be for specific for meals: timing rice cooking, veggie steaming, roasting, etc. Since I started using my phone timer app my time spent in the kitchen has dropped significantly, and more time spent with a book, or puttering in my garden, or staring at clouds from a hammock.


My iphone timer app lets me run up to 8 separate timers at ince, labeling each. I just keep it nearby when using it.

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I think I’m better off keeping my greasy smeary fingers off my iPhone.

Lol. I hear you. I do wipe the screen down regularly. Same as a well used table timer.

Plastic bag?