My Dry January has gotten all wet

Anyone else trying to do a dry January? I started off strong. Got past the shakes pretty easily. :laughing:

But last night had a wonderful dinner so I wanted a glass of wine to go with it and poof, my 20 day streak came to an end. Once that first glass was gone, I figured what the hell time for some whiskey. :tumbler_glass:

Have a dinner tonight with some friends so I think I will pick myself back up on Sunday and limp across the finish line after having fallen down twice.


That’s why I never started. I am aware of studies that claim doing a dry month might mean fewer drinks for the rest of the year, but I don’t buy it.

Just like anything peeps do for a month - be it Whole30 or similar diets or “cleanses,” bc most folks can’t sustain anything that’s a radical change to what they’re accustomed to.

Baby steps & changes that are possible in the long run seem far more reasonable to me.


My idea of dry January:

Have never done it. Why would I want to deprive myself of this little pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine or a beer whenever I please?

I don’t drink more than a glass of wine or a beer, or sometimes both, any given day anyway. Unless on holiday… that’s when I can drink 3 times my capacity (mostly because I have a limited time there and the beer or wine is not available at home).


I’ve been dry all January so far without much intent, and I have to admit I don’t miss a drink unless I’m with people who consider drinking a core part of spending time together (and so get extremely uncomfortable if one refuses to partake-- (yes, that means all kinds of things about them, I know :roll_eyes:).

I think I’ll get through till next weekend, when those people become a factor again, because one of them has a birthday :rofl:

In any case, having a glass of wine because it goes with a lovely dinner, and so on, I don’t think that’s a fail.

I drastically cut back on alcohol a few years ago (because of an odd allergy issue that couldn’t be diagnosed but was highly correlated with consumption) and haven’t really missed it in that quantity. I still drink, when something appeals or an occasion calls for it, or I have a hankering for something (like an old fashioned or a sauternes).

I think dry January is positive for those who need a reason to cut back, just like all those other January things. It’s nice to have a reason sometimes.

No reason you can’t make up the fallen week and take it into February!


Hmm, maybe I have a problem then if no one else feels the need to clean up. :wink:

This past holiday season was finally back to normal after the covid inhibited celebrations of the prior two years. So at least for me starting with Thanksgiving, there were a lot of events to meet friends and family and coworkers and clients and drink. Had not seen a lot of people in over two years so there was even more reason to celebrate. Once I get past new years, I find it helpful to cut back and have a goal. I know I certainly sleep better and more soundly when I don’t drink. Also means I can work out with a little less intensity as I don’t have to offset the extra calories from the drink. I like the suggestion of just making up for the bit of lapse with a push into February.

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Instead of dry January, which I’m not sure I could manage, I’ve cut my consumption in half by spacing my drinks with water. It’s not as good as abstaining altogether, but it’s something.


In years past I had parties and gatherings darned near every night feom Thanksgiving thru New Years, so a dry January was welcome (i could almost feel my liver pisting strike notices)

This year was very quiet, so I did t feel horribly guilty at having a glass of wine a week later. I tend to bot erink by myself, so theres not much temptation.

What a strange crowd.

Drinking now? :wink:

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Doing my first Dry January. It’s been a good opportunity to break mindless habits, explore new interests and pleasures, and take a hard look at what’s really necessary to have fun, and why. I don’t regret it, but different strokes. I don’t see much in the way of downsides. Livers and brains thank you.


My dry January lasted 10 days. It was mainly to lower my blood pressure before a drs appt. and blood work. It didn’t help much this time. I usually only have one cocktail and one glass of wine so dry January wasn’t a big deal for me.


Its the damned autocorrect elf again. Out to convince the world I’m drunk and illiterate.



I was having a dry January only because I was out of beer & waiting for it to go on sale.
Until… I received my anniversary gift from Sunshine (today)!!
YEAH!! I don’t know what 11 years is supposed to be, but I got BEER.
I got her a coral necklace and matching earrings.
We are both very happy with our gifts!!


Yes, first time trying dry January, so far so good. I did eat a gummy last night though, so I’m not sure if that breaks the rules.


Its not alcohol!:rofl:


Sounds like we ended our dry January on the same night for the same reason! No shame in my game, though :slight_smile:

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Decidedly not! :sweat_smile:

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OK, well I’m going to consider that an official ruling then!

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Awesome, come live here and persuade my family of the same, please :laughing:


Also how on earth did you go 20+ days before getting out a gummy? I think it was like day 4 or 5 for us…if that :laughing::laughing::laughing: