Mussel juices are always murky

yes they do . Their mussels from Pentagon City are very clean, no beard

Suddenly, all these talks about mussels gave me incentive to cook my frozen mussels from HT,
I defrosted for a few hours in the fridge, cooked some protein plus thin spaghetti for around 5 minutes
Then, with EVOO and lots of garlic, a tin of anchovy, I added the partially thawed mussels, a small amount of adobo sauce from the chipotle and adobo sauce without adding chipotle, a small amount of shrimp broth , then took mussels out, added the pasta back to the broth to make it al dente.

this was serve with Costco’s pesto as well as freshly grated parmesan cheese,
There were a lot of mussels left as I did not make enough pasta but my dogs love them !
I did not take out my large 14" pan for cooking mussels but just my wok as I did not think there was enough mussels to take out another pot from the pantry. And of course, the mussels are p recooked!


I used the juices (mussels usually cooked with wine) for pasta, risotto or sauce by reduction.

Agreed with @emglow101
Letting the juice settled and leaving the last bit to avoid sand and broken shells. Or you can filter everything with coffee filter or cheesecloth. Mussels are usually farmed and when compared to for example cockles, they are very clean.