Multitask frying pan

I kind of like it… Although there are a lot of practical problems of food needs different fire etc.

Meh. I agree that the different temps required for some foods would make this impractical, unless you so happen to be searing 5 varieties of food that need the same heat. The compartments seem quite cramped except for that middle section, so unless you’re cooking for only one or two, this wouldn’t work for families or those who like to entertain.

The guy also appears to be making some saucy dish in the upper right hand corner. I can’t imagine how you would pour that out, without pouring all the grease from the meats all over. The not quite square shape would also make spooning anything out of that part probably a pain. I guess also would be tough to make any source of pan sauce for the same reason.

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I think that’s beans. More info here:

The saucy stuff in the top right are baked beans which have no place in a cooked breakfast. Also the bacon is going to be very overdone by the time those sausages are done. Same with what I assume are scrambled eggs top left. Surely fried or poached eggs are required for dipping the sausage in the runny yolk and for being wiped up with some bread at the end.

The kitchen gadget guy on the Guardian website has reviewed it. His reviews are quite funny.


your opinion. Baked beans are a breakfast staple here in Quebec and also across the pond. Maple baked beans are especially good with scrambled eggs and ham.

I like it! I could do breakfast with that happily, without dirtying every pot and pan I own.

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These have been around for about 100 years.


Obviously the beans issue is just my opinion, after all holding opinions on food is why we’re all here. I know they’re common across the pond as I am from and live in England. If you want a fervent food discussion here just start with what should or should not be in a full English breakfast:-)

I can see this as sort of a “one pot” solution, with soft boiled eggs (in pot), then meat (centered, where the hot spot would be), w/potatoes, beans, bread, or other sides–eaten in the pan. But it wouldn’t ever work for me.

I have alternate pans for: soft boiled eggs, poached eggs, omelet, sautes (including potatoes), or pancakes/french toast–never bacon or sausages (and no cooking oils at all). With them I almost always have one cup of coffee, two English muffins (or slices of toast), and a banana (or berries). Rarely, I just have coffee, cold cereal, and fruit.

None of my breakfasts would work with the multitask frying pan.


No reason you can’t add or remove different foods at different times. At first I didn’t realize this was a cast aluminum pan w/ non-stick and what looks like an induction bottom. Not my cup of tea, but don’t knock it till you’ve seen someone cook Coq au Vin with it. Very entertaining. But not much to deglaze. Oh they make 2 versions, the “MP-3” is induction the regular one is not.

What’s the deal-eo with the little circular wells in the L-hand side compartments? Are they cupholders?

I must be doing it all wrong . I would use one pan for all that . Remove the chicken and make the sauce .

God forbid your prep ingredients would touch each other…

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Looks like a device for making TV dinners.


For several reasons, I doubt I will like this multi pan.

1st, with its very large surface, the pan will unlikely to heat up evenly on a standard stove.

2nd, it will be very difficult to individually the heating of different items, and individually move/flip the foods.

3rd, cleaning must be difficult with all these walls.

I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem to be something I would use in a normal kitchen.

Yes, Chem, better of with a teppanyaki or flat griddle.

They should offer a matching t.v. dinner plate to eat off of… What’s the deal-eo with the cup holders ? God that’s funny- I suppose the designer wanted to remind folks where to place the fried eggs, or the pancake. Maybe it helps to keep it from spreading in the search for a circular egg.

I thought Coq au Vin is cock or chicken marinated in wine the day before, and cooked in a dutch/french oven for 2-3 hours with the wine/broth. The video is just pan-fried chicken breasts with a red wine sauce.

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I think the uneven heating up on a stove is a way to control different temperature in different section.

I guess students may like it or people want to cook quickly simply and everything all at once…They should provide a tray below the pan for serving too.

You’re correct – I had exactly the same thought – didn’t even look at the video, but knew the fried chicken cutlets weren’t anything resembling any Coq au Vin I’ve ever made.

Agree. I think these will work much better for me.