[Mountain View/ San Francisco/ Cupertino] Doppio Zero

I haven’t been back to Doppio Zero since they first opened . At the time I thought they were ok. Because chef Costas from Napoletana Pizzeria was on his annual summer vacation, we paid Doppio Zero a visit. We had the Margherita, and the Doppio Zero. I still think they were ok, but the pies still trailed a bit from those at Napoletana.

They are also VPN-certified like Napoletana. The Margherita had enough char. The dough at 00 was very heavily salted, and some might liked it. But I think its too much salt, to the point that it made the dough flavor too prominent and overshadowed some of their other ingredients. The Doppio Zero pie was not bad, though a bit weird in that a lot of the ingredients were layered on top of the pie after the dough was fired in the oven.

And now Doppio Zero has a location in Hayes Valley SF, in addition to Mountain View and Cupertino.

Any favorite pies here?

Their pic:


when is Chef Costas from Napoletana Pizzeria suppose to come back? I want to try his pizzas.

He’s back for a few weeks already. So Napoletana is open.