Most standout and best value Michelin 1* in Barcelona....Hisop, Hoffman or.....??

Need to seek your help foodies!
For my upcoming food crawl around Europe. During my Barcelona stop, I noticed I have an empty dinner slot on the evening prior to my luncheon date at ’ Disfruta '. My party would like to try out a sit-down Michelin 1*, so that we can use the experience to compare with the World #2 the next day!
In your opinion, which of the many 1* in town do you think is the most stand out…and hopefully the greatest value?! Hisop, Hoffman…??? In addition, I am hoping the cuisine offered by the chosen candidate will lean more towards traditional Spanish/Basque cuisine rather than overly modern/molecular?! Thx in advance!

wondering, did you mean Catalan rather than Basque?