Most Hated Foods in America

I like all of them. #notAmerican?


Eh. Moar for the rest of us. Though I’m not crazy about licorice, either, but hate’s a strong word for food.


I know. Blue cheese is not my first choice of cheese, but I don’t dislike it. I just like it less than other cheeses.

I used to hate it, but love it now. There’s not many cheeses I dislike, 'cept for cheap Swiss or gjetost. Hurrrp.

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I don’t even mind cheap Swiss!

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It’s got an odd sweetness I dislike. I do love Appenzeller & Gruyère, tho.

Oh, I mean the REALLY cheap kind. Sliced. In plastic. Next to the muenster and above the Borden’s mild cheddar.

Not sure I’ve had it, but eat what makes ya happy.

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Licorice made #2 - I like it, but have you ever had the salty licorice, salmiak liquorice? I was on a business trip when someone gave me a piece (very mean of them!) and I tried to be a good guest… but that stuff is not messing around! Really shocking stuff, like licorice in the US, but also not.

(I’m not fond of beets. Blech.)

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I like everything on the list except cilantro. I’ve even tried the salty licorice that @Tex mentioned which was fun but very intense!

I like some things more than others, but there’s nothing on that list that I hate. That’s because they didn’t include the stinky liver my college roommate used to cook.

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I hate black licorice, but I love fennel. Even star anise is fine in small quantities. Fortunately it’s not like black licorice is hard to avoid, or so good for you that you feel compelled to eat it even though you hate it.

The rest of the list I’m good with, except beets (I wouldn’t say hate, but strongly dislike the red ones and only tolerate the milder yellows - sweet dirt, ugh). I don’t love the texture of okra in a lot of preparations either, but I’ll eat it cooked certain ways. Weirdly, the “American” foods I dislike the most are widely beloved by most other Americans - ketchup, cola drinks (or anything cola flavored) and breakfast cereal.


There is a licorice store in Lincoln, NE that sells only licorice, from many different countries. A lot comes from the Netherlands. Apparently a big thing there. They offered me samples.

There was a very salty one that was hard to imagine getting used to, but I did buy some that were about half as salty. And I did get used to it and began to crave it. I didn’t think I would finish the bag, but there I was a couple of weeks later wondering where it all went.

So essentially what the things on the list have in common is strong flavors or texture issues. I’m no fan of licorice. If I never have a piece again I’m good. I like coconut normally. Raw coconut straight from the shell is great. Coconut water and coconut curry is awesome. Coconut shrimp made with dried out sweetened coconut dust? Makes me gag. A lot of things on the list are items I did not like when I was younger but have definitely come to appreciate them now. Blue cheese probably being the most remarkable one. I used to think it was vile but now I love it. Give me a slab of Stilton or Roquefort and I’m very happy.


I’m not crazy about blue cheese on its own, but with port….a match made in heaven!

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I like everything on that list, twice over.

Except for bleu cheese.

How about Roquefort? Or Gorgonzola? Or is it, you know, the mold?

No, it’s all cheeses.

Hmm . Not many if any foods i dont like . Just bought a nice piece of point reyes blue cheese. And i love licorice.

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How about licorice with bleu cheese?