Most Hated Foods in America

A match made in Heaven. Just talking to a gal from hong kong about durian . She explained it well . She likes it . Well throw in a side of durian on top of the cheese and licorice. Yess…

Controversial = hated? WTF?


While neither in the US nor one of its citizens I find it hard to hate any of the foods on this list.

Oysters I do not eat very often; probably only ever teaten them three or fours times and the last time was a decade ago at the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar on the shores of Loch Fyne perhaps as famous for it being the meeting place where one-times UK Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown divided up their roles in “new” Labour… (Although I much prefer the unpretenious Seafood Bar in Kishorn. and reviewed here

and also much prefer Kishorn to the very pretenious Littlehampton East Beach Cafe whose dressed crab was nothing special.)

Never tried Okra but the concensus of opinion of those for whom this vegetable is not a staple is that it tends to be slimey when cooked. Otherwise I am rather ambivalent to all the things listed. I might not get excited by their inclusion in a dish but I most certainly would not reject them. Although a repeat visit to Kishorn would be great.

I am a little partial to licorice but nothing like my Swedish friends are who seem to overdose on it.

I think the slime comes into play as many people don’t know how to cook it. Like squid, it must be either quickly at high temp or slow and long at low temp. The ends of the spectrum being defined by fried cornmeal crusted okra or the okra in a gumbo. The former is all crunchy vegetal goodness and the latter sublime.


Agree about the okra. I didn’t taste it until moving east years ago and now it is one of my summertime favs.

My preferred treatment is along these lines (usually I cut it thinly lengthwise):

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I love okra.

In all preps.

In fact, one of my favorite ways is to simply steam them. I revel in their slimy texture. :yum:


Feed the man some ectoplasm!:woozy_face:

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You haven’t really experienced slime until you’ve had a steaming hot bowl of natto mixed with okra.


I love natto. (And okra.)

I’m surprised natto didn’t make that list.

I guess it isn’t “American” enough. Yet.


Only 12 people have had it.


I think that is true. I was going to express surprise that Marmite isn’t on the list but of course that isn’t American either. A staple at my house.

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+1 Don’t despise it, but can think of other potent cheeses ahead of it. I’m not a black licorice fan, either. Though I don’t do raw oysters (upper midwest would be a bad place to try), I love oyster stew and make a batch every winter.

I use anchovies as a flavoring, not on their own. I prefer sardines for eating whole.

Cheap Swiss (Kraft) sucks. Real baby Swiss is heavenly.

These are the ingredients I searched for Kraft Swiss: Swiss Cheese, Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt, Enzymes), Whey, Milk Protein Concentrate, Milkfat, Sodium Citrate, Calcium Phosphate, Whey Protein Concentrate , Contains Less Than 2% of Salt, Lactic Acid, Sorbic Acid as A Preservative.

Not gonna critique you for liking it. I just checkle when I read the ingredients and the first one in Swiss cheese is Swiss cheese. Good start! Least it’s not mostly vegetable oil.

I’ve seen many a sausage being made and have made my own. I can watch sausage being made and enjoy the sight, smell, sound. If you saw fake cheese being made, it’d make you puke. Moldy ass old cheddar goes in there.

Vegetable oil Swiss, eh? The reason I hate it now is the reason I loved it when I was very little: texture and the flavor of the oil.

You like what you like. I love some things the world seems to hate. Big ole goofy world.

Can’t hate on someone for being different.

Dunno why you keep mentioning vegetable oil. I’m not talking about Swiss cheese food, or Swiss cheese product, or Swiss cheese food product. I’m talking about supermarket-grade Swiss cheese. This sort of thing:

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Oh, my mistake. Jeez, I’d eat that. I pictured the plastic wrapped slices of vegoil Swiss I see in stores. Mistaken identity. Sorry to confuse.

I love okra in all preps I’ve made/had. It is slimy when boiled, and that lends a similar texture to collagen in your soup broth. If i were in the vegan/vegetarian tribe, I’d use in in every stock.

Yeah, I have a fondness for Kraft Deli Deluxe American Cheese, but that’s as far as I go with individually-wrapped slices.

It melts well. If I make cheeseburgers with real cheese, I have to cheese them after the first flip on the grill. Kraft, you an cheese a burger off the grill and it will get gooey. I get why that stuff is popular. Just not for me.

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I very much doubt that natto will be considered “American” enough in my lifetime.