Most expensive fruit encountered!

" Japanese Dark Skin Watermelon at Freshway, Markham " - At $388.00, the most expensive single piece of fruit encountered in Toronto,


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Who needs to travel? Just stay in Markham/GTA and the world comes to you.

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Free watermelon out of our garden.


LOOOKINGGG GOOOOOD! My peppers and tomatillos are flying up. Good garden year.

They must really like watermelon in Japan. I’d rather eat yours. Love watermelon in summer. Hell, I’d give ya a $5 spot for it.

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I once bought a honkin’ big jack fruit one time for $25. I ended up giving most of it away.

Sour cherries this year were $90/20# box.

Destined for some d+÷k-measuring contest, no doubt. It’s likely the same as fair wine sold in large format glass. Or the prize FFA steer at local auction.

Right? How much better can that expensive one be?

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It would be nice to have the option to find out. :slight_smile:

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It will probably go on sale soon!