Most Annoying Restaurant Features

Loud places make a choice to skew younger

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I’m around 6’ tall and overweight and i don’t like restaurants with chairs that are not that sturdy.

Generally I prefer booths and bench style seating. If I have to use a chair, I like it to have a wide area for my tush and for it to be rock solid construction so there’s no chance this fat guy might squash or snap it by leaning the wrong way.

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This correlation has been my observation as well.

Why do you think it is?

Hamura Saimin?

You honestly feel as though you should be able to tell a chef what he/she should cook in his/her own restaurant? IMO taste buds and wallet don’t award boss level in someone else’ house.


I would imagine they order ingredients based on the dishes they serve, and not on the dishes a customer invents. They don’t want to risk running out of an actual menu item.


Now skipping breakfast and lunch.

The reason may have been that all staff would have stopped to watch.


Walked into a place that billed itself as “fine dining”. On the wall a few large screen TVs tuned to sports channels (muted, fortunately) - says “sports bar” to me. Loud music playing was “War, what is it good for?” (Some crap like that). I asked the waitress if the music could be changed and turned down; no, it was on the restaurant owner’s playlist. The food was mediocre at best; their “signature vegetables” swimming in the meat sauce, and unpeeled tree trunks of asparagus. The establishment did not last long.


I think that’s a great song!


That’s how I “delete” our school district’s classified docs. before i took the job, they paid $300+ to dispose of them. Burning barrel, gas, match=$2.00.

One of the first fuels. Last time I was in the Andes, the pots were heated with human poo. All you get above the treeline.

The reason we have a “personal chef”, though it’s sometimes a pain when we aren’t up to cooking, so we go out and are grateful when that was the better choice.

Say it again:


That is so not the version I was thinking of!

No videos, but…

ETA Why the Temptations Gave the No. 1 Hit ‘War’ to Edwin Starr according to Corey Irwin


We remember both the original on the radio and an early live performance from his admirer. Discovering them together is frosting . . .


I can’t be sure, and I’m not all that comfortable with my speculations, either, so I won’t share them here.

Good guess, but no. Not Dani’s either.

It’s (was) Ma’s Family Restaurant hidden on Halenani off Rice. The grandmother (aptly named “Ma Ma”) was very dear to me. Several daughters and several granddaughters were always working there under Ma’s watchful eye. She was a gambler, and took at least 3 trips to Vegas every year. She was especially proud of the fireplace in her home.

Toppings on a hamburger. Same concept.

Not at all. Our local taco slinger makes amazing Cajun shrimp tacos, but doesn’t offer Cajun shrimp quesadillas due to how many shrimp he’d have to use in the latter vs. the former. He’s very generous & would run out of shrimp for people who want tacos.


What @linguafood said. If your cheese choices to top a burger are American, cheddar and Swiss, and I expect to serve 12 orders of caprese salad, then I need to save the fresh mozzarella for that. And I’m gonna tell you no, you cannot have fresh mozzarella for your burger, even though there’s some in the restaurant. Unless it’s the end of the night, and I’m sure I won’t need the mozzarella.