Most Annoying Restaurant Features

  • Only booths.
  • A chair/floor combination such that when someone sits down, their partner cannot push them to the table.
  • A menu posted only above the counter in a hard-to-read, too small, or spidery font, and no paper menus.
  • No paper menus in general.
  • Straws so long that short people cannot use them without holding their drinks in their laps.

(I’m sure I’ll think of more.)


The reason may have been that all staff would have stopped to watch.

I don’t get it. I mean. I don’t think the mix is particularly desirable, but I don’t seek out shrimp. But both shrimp and aubergine are things that go on and have gone on pizza. I almost always order aubergine at my local pizzeria (Neapolitan pizza).

I’m probably missing something here.

Just to clarify: Not confused as to why they don’t offer it (small h and linguafood have explained). Just don’t get the gawking comment.


No offense intended. That combination is just cognitively dissonant, IMO.

I can visualize the order coming into the kitchen (server writes and underlines “SERIOUSLY”). The assembler yells “Whoa!, that’s a first!” The pizzailo grabs it, pauses, and silently wonders if the aubergine’s even been cooked beforehand.

Maybe it’s just me. Heck, Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza squicks some people out.

I think people should try different pizza combinations. We have a serious pizza place nearby that does a pie they call the “Big Moses”. It’s popular because it’s a daily mystery pizza–strictly chef’s choice, which can involve very strange pairings. Nevertheless, a server told us that very few patrons are willing to risk a zonk with a a full Big Moses pie–they always recommend ordering half-n-half just in case.

We suppose a server could offer a caprese salad to go with a plain burger and offer to save the customer the do-it-yourself assembly – everyone’s happy – customer has mozarella cheeseburger (and cheeseless salad), restaurant inventory planning undisturbed, and fair price to both sides.

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There’s a good solution.

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Shrimp on pizza is uncommon. So is eggplant. But it could be good??

I’ve had braised eggplant stuffed with shrimp at dim sum. It’s savory and delicious.

Adding a bunch of mozzarella cheese to the party, and bread/tomato sauce? I can be open minded about it.

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That almost sounds like eggplant parmigiana on a pizza. Personally I wouldn’t combine the two but some people probably would.

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Anyway, another one for this thread is the typically U.S. method of carrying the credit card off to the charge it. I’ve encountered portable terminals every now and then (in the U.S.), but in general it’s the former method.

Oh, right, and the placing of inedible things (e.g. packets of syrup or wrappers of butter) atop/beside what I’m about to eat.

Annoying Japan restaurant feature-- water served in glasses the size of thimbles.


Eggplant as a pizza topping is not at all uncommon at many pizza places I’ve been to outside of the US, including Italy.


No offence taken. I was legitimately unclear on how to interpret. Thanks for taking the time.

What @linguafood said about aubergine. It’s an option in many pizzerias here (if not most although I’m not including pizzas at the chippy) and def in Italy.

So it really comes down to where a person is, whether or not it’s uncommon or somehow remarkable.

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I’m sure there are places that sell chapulines-jicima pizza, too. Or anchovy-marshmallow pies.

Prize for the most cognitively dissonant combo?

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You’re sure? On what basis?


Oh, the same epistemological basis as judging the ubiquity of aubergine on pizza across Europe. Equally sure falafel pizza can be found in the Levant, and albino asparagus pies in der Schweiz.

I’ve seen hundreds of eggplant pizze in my life, but never anchovy marshmallow.

What a sheltered life I lead :wink:


Make it a quest.

Hundreds? Name 20.

Well, they were all named either “alla vegetariana” or “melanzane.”

You’d get bored pretty quickly… or at least I would.

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Oh, so the augergine isn’t a marquee topping, but merely included among others on meatless pizza?

I thought you were saying you’ve been to hundreds of European 'rias that were firing feature eggplant pies.

You misread my comment, then. I wrote that I’ve encountered 100s of eggplant pizze in my life (I’ve been around a few decades), many of which I consumed at the >gasp< VERY SAME RESTAURANT.

Melanzane is often the featured topping, but not always or necessarily the only one. Zucchini, shrooms, and peppers may join the party, especially when one orders a “vegetariana.” I’ve not seen meat pizze with eggplant, and I don’t really care much for meat on pizza.

If you like eggplant you should really give it a go some time. Live a little.


At our local Aldi today.

:exploding_head: :wink: