Moroccan olive oil, snake oil or the world's best?

To note, this is an infomercial. It is a doctor selling this oil. I’m just wondering if it is worth seeking out some locally (if available in NJ)

I doubt it.

The shelves of Middle Eastern grocery stores in Paterson are filled with reasonably priced and good quality olive oils from that region and north Africa too. I buy them, I even prefer them, but I wouldn’t seek out one brand over another. Head over, buy a few, and compare them.

For serious cooks, knowing olive oil flavors is as important as knowing wine varieties - this is a good chance to learn.

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(Oops, I did it again. Sorry for the semi-necro-post. This is what I, and I guess everyone else :roll_eyes: get for my not having kept up with the forum for while…)

Good Morrocan OO tastes good, which is reason enough to try it, but so does a lot of other olive oil. But as far as it being (Yet Another) SuperDuperMiracleFood that no one but this Lifestyle Doctor from Beverly Hills had discovered until now…

Meh. He takes some basic truths that have been common knowledge to anyone at all familiar with “real” nutritional research (vs clickbaity blog/media headlines) for the past 20-30 years, mixes them with a far more than “healthy” dose of semi-truths taken out of context to reach unsupported, conclusory claims wrapped in a smooth, essentially-anecdotal “trust me I’m a doctor” delivery. No doubt he found a much safer line of work, but methinks he would’ve made a great con man if med school hadn’t worked out for him…

And he urges people to consume a liter of olive per week to “lose weight, and get healthy”? W. T. F.?! He doesn’t even bother to add that of course if you’re going to do something as absurd as that, you also need to knock out 8000+ calories (or 4+ days’ total intake of calories for the average healthy adult) of other calories (presumably, preferably other dietary fatf) from your diet. And yeah, I guess if you’re eating a supersized Big Mac “meal” for lunch, everyday, among everything else, swapping that for a liter of good olive oil probably will - mirabile dictu! - make you healthier, though probably not lighter…:roll_eyes:

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