Morel Mushrooms have arrived!

It is that time of year again!!! Yeah!!! Morel mushrooms were in my local (Boston MA) market! (Russo’s for my Boston Onions).

Living in Boston makes it seem way too early for Morels (we just had snow) but I guess it must be time in the midwest. They were big and tasty.

I’ve had them twice so far - once sauteed with asparagus (love that) and the second time in a cheese/cream sauce over pasta. Both so tasty.

Your favorite recipes?

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I’ve only had them in restaurants. Are they difficult to clean? Because cleaning the chanterelles I bought last season took forever…

I do love mushrooms, though.

I bought a bag of morels this week. Thinking about just sauteeing it with garlic and onions.

What’s the going price these days? Mine is $10/5 oz, which translates to about $32/ lb, which seems a bit high after I do the math just now.

Where are you located? I haven’t seen any in Los Angeles yet.

Yeah serious PITA to clean- the honeycomb structure and inside of the shroom seem to be designed to catch dirt and grit! These guys did a good how to clean them

On the rare occasion i find morels worth the $$$ i keep them super simple- i believe all mushrooms need a little soy sauce, so i saute in olive oil (butter hates me but that would be better!), with a little fresh thyme and then a littlr splash of soy sauce towards the end (instead of salt). Eaten either as is or as a pile over some simple polenta, toast, or pasta so the focus is on those mushroom$.

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That sounds like a pretty perfect way to prepare mushrooms. I think you and I have a psychic-detective food connection. :heart_eyes:

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NorCal. Got it from a Japanese farmers market vendor.

Just cooked it yesterday. Didn’t clean it thorough enough. So while very tasty, its also quite sandy, LOL.

Okay, that is pretty funny. Darn wild things being all tricky. :tulip::mushroom::mushroom::ear_of_rice:

Here in MI, we have a healthy number of Morel hunters. But I’ve never seen this mushroom for sale in any supermarket we shop. :disappointed:

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr