More Chowhound Shenanigans

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No…not Melanie I forgot all about her. There was a newer one, her name was Marcela? Something like that?

(Gwenn) #1043

Don’t remember, sorry!


Yes, she is.


I always though Melanie was just a poster…albeit an extremely prolific one.


You’re thinking of Marssy? Her real name is Marcela.

Don’t think she’s a moderator anymore. At least, she doesn’t moderate much.

I don’t think Melanie was an actual moderator. She is now the most active poster on the SF board. Be that as it may.


I’m not sure she ever was a moderator - the policy had always been for the moderators to be unknown. Marssy is a Senior Community Manager:

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You could be right. It’s been awhile!


Looks like they did change the article to correct this.