More Chowhound Shenanigans


Ahhhh, the ol “I fell asleep and didn’t do my homework” excuse again, huh? :grin: I saw the comment but didn’t really pay attention as I’m usually asleep when site maintenance is done. :wink:


And we appreciate your hard work and commitment so that we can all connect!


I wasn’t sure whether to post this here, in Shenanigans, or in the Decline of Chowhound. But truly this is just sad.

“Mardi Gras falls on a Tuesday this year…”

Merde . So, no editors these days?


Wow. I guess even Wikipedia was too difficult to consult?


Hoo boy. That’s…something.


They deleted my comment…

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Mardi Gras is on a Tuesday this year? I thought that was Easter??


You’re confusing it with Lunar Easter. Anyone know what day of the week Caturday falls on in 2019?


It’s always Caturday at my house!


I’m trying to believe that they were attempting to be facetious but reading the rest of the paragraph I see no real hint of that. Good god.


Come on people, be nice. :slight_smile:


Fat Tuesday, the day before Lent falls on a drumroll please, Tuesday.

Mardi Gras lasts a couple of weeks and not just New Orleans but many more cities celebrate such as Galveston and Lafayette, La.


I’m LOVING the comments on CH! :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Huh. That’s interesting. Does anyone know what day of the week Thanksgiving falls on this year?

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I’m not sure but Easter Sunday is on a Wednesday.


And Valentines is always on a Saturday, planned for maximum overindulgence! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


They delete my comments all the time . . . some of the emails I get from moderators are as insane - if not more - than the craziness I was posting about. And I feel like my comments were benign.


My comment linked the absence of research with the lack of true interest in food of tptb…

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Is (her name escapes me) the main moderator still there?

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Melanie Wong? If so, yes