More Chowhound Shenanigans

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So is everybody who has their panties bunched actually logging in to the CH site to post?

Because if they are I sure don’t see any new posts on the NJ board. If you go five posts down it’s two weeks old.

It’s even a week old if you go ten posts down on the NYC board. And one of those is gutreactions Oktoberfust in Westchester.

No traffic and no content.

Dead, dead, dead.

Why would you bother?


WHOSE panties are in a bunch about CH?? I use it if I see something of current use or interest in the latest posts feed. Haven’t used it to ask anything of importance in a long time for the reasons you list.


I haven’t heard from the z man. I hope he is well. I miss his posts. He is full of charisma and there aren’t too many guys like him around.

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Every body above you in this thread complaining about their log in.

You were just the last person in the thread, the reply was not intended personally for you.

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So @Midlife there is a collection of everyone who chimed in to complain about the CH password thingy, and you were one of them.

They changed the rule on passwords over there some time ago, perhaps 6-9 months, if not more.

I changed mine then, and it’s still working.

But as Brisket notes above, I don’t see the point.

There is literally no activity on those boards anymore, even in major markets like NYC.

And I’m guessing the people who have had an issue haven’t bothered to log in over there for a while.

You can read the posts without logging in, so the only reason to log in is to post.

That’s why I was curious.

Was anybody actually intending to post something, or is this just a pointless complaint?

Yeesh, that site.

What kind of weird hold does it have on people?

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They are responding to 7 year old posts over there in some cases.[quote=“VikingKaj, post:1006, topic:684”]
What kind of weird hold does it have on people?

I do a drive by just to see if I can get anyone over here. I have managed a few.

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I go over there to re-read jrvedvici’s posts, got that guy was brilliant. Wish we could get him over here, maybe if they gave him his own board we could make that happen.


I feel like they contacted me directly and told me I had to change my password, with their new requirements (capitals, exclamation marks, that kind of thing). I did as they told me and haven’t had a blip since. For what it’s worth!

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Well @VikingKaj, is bet it took you longer to put that post together than I spend in any day visiting CH (unless I find something to respond to. I never really used it for much local stuff because I live in an area adjacent to Los Angeles that has never merited its own board there, here or on FTC, so (even tho we have 3.5 million people here) we’re looked down on in terms of food interest. I tend to follow the Trader Joe’s product topic there, which is pretty active.

By the way, I recall someone here saying they couldn’t figure out how to reply directly to a specific post vs. to the topic in general. Don’t recall if it was you but here’s a quick tutorial: there are TWO reply arrows at the bottom of thread. One at the end of the last post in the thread and a larger one (in a blue box) at the lower left. The one in the box replies to the thread in general, the other one to a specific post in the thread (each post has its own).

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Holy Crap!! I never knew that, it will save me a ton of time, because I manually scroll to the top of each topic when I want to make a general reply in a long post. I didn’t know the blue reply on the bottom of the page did that for me!! Nice!!! Thank you!


That syncs with my memory of events.

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Say what you want about Chow, I don’t ever remember them falling asleep for site maintenance. Just sayin’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That guy was deranged.




Hahaha, @hungryonion Use CH’s method to sanction him!


OK, what am I missing here?

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Unless it was just me, HO’s server wasn’t responding during site maintenance for a time. It happens.


Yes. We shut down the server to upgrade the server OS and the forum software so the site is more secure. Probably for 1.5 hours to 2 hours.