More Chowhound Shenanigans

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Hmm. Just those boards or did you accidentally leave out another one? :wink:

I agree


There are no accidents.


I was given a stern talking to but never banned.


I do think they buried sitetalk to make it harder to find.


I was sent to the principals office ( Marci ) . Then kicked out .


I’ve been dragged in front of Marci more times than I can count, but I’m inexplicably still enrolled.

I throw spitwads, pull the fire alarms, throw cherry bombs down the toilets and put dead fish on the radiators any time I’m given the chance.

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I was banished once, but readmitted when I promised to abide by the [arbitrary, largely unwritten, and capriciously-enforced] “rules”. Of course I ignored them. Ray has repeatedly tried to have me banished again, but he apparently has poisoned the well.

I still participate there on Cookware, but I have posted only twice (as a favor to someone). I would be gone totally if the HO Cookware board was a little more active. At least CH has loosened up a bit with the crazy Churchmarm moderation, but my enmity runs deep…


I always had to sneak around the hall monitor .

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…and I kicked her in the shins. I learned in 5th Grade that some girls take that as affection. Puerile indeed, but it worked for a long time.


Luckily we have a strong affection for the bad boys here!:wink:


@winecountrygirl - let’s just say I was sharply reprimanded by Marssy when she rapped my knuckles with the virtual ruler, and I was made to sit in the Time Out Corner for 10 days. All because I had the gumption to express my opinion (which was held by many others as well about the redesign). How DARE I tell them what I thought, right? I guess they didn’t like how vehemently I told them my opinion.

Oh - and I was supposed to be penitent and apologize and kick my toe into the dirt and say “I’ll never do that again, ma’am!” to be allowed back in to the not-so-cozy-anymore CH fold. As it happens, I was pretty sick when I got banned, so when I tried to get back in a few days after my ban was lifted, I couldn’t log in. When I Emailed Marssy about it, she let me back in without any issues. And without me having to apologize (which I wasn’t going to do anyway). All I wanted was to try and delete my personal pictures on the site - but with the site change, you could no longer remove any pictures you had posted.

As for YOU, Mr. @NotJrvedivici, I have my eye on you.

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There are still frustrated members out there but how to send them over here? Many people don’t list their email in profiles.

I was not banned, just hated the new fucking wretched site (and some wretches). Left the day they implimented the new format. Deleted hundreds and hundreds of my photos just in time. The last 2 or so were not possible as they took away the option to delete ONE’S OWN FUCKING PHOTOS.


I’m still ticked off I didn’t get a chance to delete mine.

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Out of curiosity, I visited CH to read this thread. Alas, DockPotato’s profile indicates the last post was 28 days ago; this post is long gone :confused:

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Sorry you went there. Yes, it was from at least a couple of weeks ago. It was posted during the night on west coast US (daytime here in Europe) so when they got to work they saw it and removed it.

@LindaWhit, it’s theirs now. Let it go.


I did. I was ticked off at myself for not deleting them earlier when I saw the writing on the wall in beta.

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Oh, OK. Hey, Verizon has acquired Yahoo now so who knows what’s going to happen to that wretched site in the future. (CH was part of Yahoo and Yahoo has a reputation of making bad business decisions).

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Really? I thought Chow as part of CBS Interactive?

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I thought CBS too


Chow is one of the brands listed Under the CBS Interactive banner.