More Chowhound Shenanigans

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You are all correct.

I got it mixed up. Flickr was owned by Yahoo. Flickr lost many users when Yahoo bought it and nearly ruined it.


Is that before or after Georges (eye roll) redesigned (Flickr) the site!
EDIT: looks like he’s out at CBS Interactive, wait I could be wrong, it’s
entirely possible he is ruining, I mean running the entire universe at the moment


I just posted on CH. Twice. I hadn’t visited in months or posted in a couple of years. All this talk got me curious so I went to the Houston board. There is an uptick in activity since the crash, but nothing major.

There’s a guy looking for blue crabmeat less than 8 ounces so I steered him to H Mart and suggested he cook his own. Another was Galveston Bay seafood restaurants. I’m a sucker for Houston area seafood topics.


Forgot my new password three days ago - have been completely unable to reset it. Error message after error message, emailed the mods and got no response. So here I am among the few who still is willing to deal with CH and I’m getting shut out! Shit! not even the bragging rights of being banned.


They reset my password a couple of months ago, out of nowhere. I found it weird, but at least I was still able to log in since then.


Well, 12th or 13th times the charm, it would seem. I’m back in but still never got any reply from the site to my email. Whatever. So glad we’ve got HO.


I’ve got to say, at this point I think it’s time to put this thread to rest.
The posts seem to serve no purpose now other than to get
our attention back there. If the thread was titled “for those of us
who still post regularly on CH”,I would not giveit another thought.
Just my humble opinion.

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So I did a drive by this morning and someone was asking about restaurants in Ogunquit. I posted a link to my post here. We’ll see!

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Note to all: no need to there, it’s gone. Well, of course. They and their “fans” (?) read here, too.

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my link is gone? already?

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So I go to CH fairly often to see what I can see and find new peeps for here. Last time I had to change my password and then I couldn’t log in anymore. So I try the forgot my password thing and reset it and I keep getting an error. And no way to get help. So, I guess it’s bye bye!


The way to get help is to send an email to

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You’re welcome!


Same thing happened to me last night. Had to sign in and it wouldn’t accept my usual ID + Password AND wouldn’t let me change the password to a new one. :rage::rage: am I just lucky or are they doing something weird?

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Apparently there is now a rule on passwords. They don’t actually tell you this. I found out when I emailed. It worked.

  • Six characters minimum from at least 3 of the following categories: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, special character (0123456789!"#$%&’()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^_` {|}~)
    — No spaces


And they don’t tell you because… ??? That’s just idiotic!!

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

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Yep, there is nothing to tell you what they want in a password. If I had not emailed I would still be locked out. One example of why we all left?


Except that they do. Look, I don’t mind being the Chowhound whisperer here, but it’s not that hard to search for this information, if you actually want to find it.


My take on this is- if the site reset a user’s password, they should tell the user there what the new password requirement is instead of having the user go look for it. If the password reset page doesn’t tell the user this, then the product manager dropped the ball (if they have a product manager still).