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Snob! Speaking of which I ate at Witherspoon Grill last Saturday night, it was good but certainly didn’t live up to the hype.

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I have eaten there too. It was nice, but I didn’t know there was a hype. I just want to split NJ into different boards.


Jr, did they really make that section for you and keep it live? If so, nicely done my man!

The Pierre story should be a sticky on all food boards :smile:


I deleted without unsubscribing and since have been receiving these once a day! I finally unsubscribed from the email itself and still received another one, so I went to the site and unsubscribed through my profile page. I also left a comment on the thread referenced above. Seriously annoying.


Well, I refuse to ever post there again after Marssy smacked my virtual hand and put me in a 10-day timeout back in 2015 for expressing my opinion about the wretchedness of the redesign. I regained access, but haven’t posted since. I did log on yesterday and unsubscribed from ALL, and if I get another spam Email from them, I’m going to blast them by a reply Email.


While I certainly share your emotion I serious doubt that they really give a rat’s whatever.


I agree. Which is why they’re shoving their requirement to Opt-OUT down our throats. But at least I’ll get a chance to vent. :slight_smile:

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Looks like I"m getting these Chow updates daily now too! Take a look at the latest…while I guess it’s good they seem to be diversifying their topics, I’m not 100% they should be delving into medical advice. Looks like they added a new board or two as well.

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Fun with Photoshop, @NotJrvedivici? LOL

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I received the first of these update e-mails today. So here’s the problem–they suspended me last year and I never asked to be reinstated. So now I can’t log in to “manage my account” and unsubscribe. And I’m certainly not going to ask to be reinstated just so I can opt out of something I never requested. So now I’m going to have a daily reminder of how ridiculous CH has become :scream:


Which says a lot!


And WHY am I not surprised? LOL

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Can you block their email address? Do this and you won’t receive anything sent from that address again.

I had to log in to delete the last couple of photos, but turned out they removed that option and that means you could not even touch your own god damned photos! I was so mad I blocked their address, never wanted to get anything from them again. That was right after shit hit the fan (implementation of the wretched design).

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:flushed: Wow, how did I not think of that? Not sure how to block, but they are now definitely filtered to the deleted folder.

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Just keep putting them in spam and your computer should get the message.

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Depends on the email client you’re using. For Gmail, just open an email from the user you want to block and click on the down arrow at the top right hand corner of the message pane (just to the right of the “reply” button). You should see Block “username” as an option.


Yeah, that royally pissed me off when they did that when they changed the website format.


A relevant cartoon from But, not just news sites…

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I :heart: The Oatmeal. A lot of great food-themed cartoons, too.