More Chowhound Shenanigans




You know what will be really hilarious is you actually ask for it on CH’s Site Feedback page.

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C’mon you’ve got to come up with something more challenging next time. (Remember I’m the holder of the first ever HO food eating challenge!!! FYI no photo-shopping involved scout’s honor!!)


Ha! I didn’t think you’d actually do it. I’d be most curious about the tone of the response now.

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Well I’ll have you know I already have one “heartily” supportive comment!


Baaa haaahaaahaahaahhhhhh!!! That’s brilliant!


Well, looks like your request for the Jr Board is already gone, @NotJrvedivici.

The humorlessness over there continues.

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:smiling_imp: Well I tried !!! Oh I wonder if I got an email, let me go check!! lol


Hey Notjr,

I’m afraid I don’t understand. In your early posts on Hunrgry Onion you took pains to distinguish yourself from Jrvedivici on Chowhound. So what do you have to do with him/her now?

To whom it may concern: Nothing in this post is to be conceived as detrimental to any Hungry Onion poster nor as supportive of any Chowhound poster.


I’ve heard whispers of witness protection programs…


Are you a loyal listener to Car Talk?

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Well duh, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!! (hahahaha don’t know how I came up with that one, but yep that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!)


I like it but it airs on Saturdays which is a work day for me so I seldom catch it. Obviously don’t hear it often enough to get the reference!


Hats off! I was seen. I was conquered!. Still have to get there …


You’re welcome! although I’m pretty sure that just got the whole thing deleted even earlier.
Nice try though.


It’s simply that the Magliozzi brothers often refer to the witness protection program.


To be accurate, brother these days.


Your objection is, of course, entirely correct. But the reruns, entitled “The Best of Car Talk,” feature both brothers.


More an observation than an objection.

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I always want a Princeton Board splitting it from the rest of NJ.