More Chowhound Shenanigans


No worries. I’m coming more from a
Roadfood angle than fine dining but
I’m still interested in the subject of food.

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Step it back a bit bbqboy your being a little combative here. (joke) :smile:

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There are still quite a few of us who go back to when Leff started CH & still participate there. I can’t speak for the others (many of whom I know or have met over the years) but, for myself, I recognize that it’s far from the community it was & that it’s owners don’t want it to be. However, I really can’t see why I would stop participating there either, as it still has its moments & has done well for me in my travels & in my sharing of hometown knowledge.
That being said, its nice to see new sites like this one spring up & other older sites that sprung out of CH (eGullet, mouthfulsfood, donrockwell…) survive.


Thanks for the Don Rockwell mention. I hadn’t known of the forum and enjoyed exploring it.


I hope my plea was taken as a lament, not a demand. I belong to 2 offshoots myself- which got less busy as Nick transitioned to pastrami king from food blogger. :smiley:
And which grew out of CH bitching about the Chicago board being too chummy. It is a model to emulate, but Chicago is a great food city. :slight_smile:
I’m just in small town Oregon so the more specific and restaurant oriented the conversation becomes, the less I have to interact with. Purely selfish motives on my part.


Hmmmmm. I just received an email from Chowhound entitled “What’s New On Chowhound?” or something close to that. It’s the first time, in ten years, that I’ve ever received any email from the site other than when I’ve flagged a post or asked why one of my posts was deleted. I clicked on the ‘subscriptions’ link in the email and unchecked a box to receive that What’s New email though I don’t ever recall having requested them ever. Wonder what’s up with that.

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I get them once in a while. I guess they just found your email address!


I just got one of these too; deleted without reading. It’s been many months since I’ve looked at chowhound.


I got one too. Delete. There is nothing there that interests me anymore, aside from old threads for reference.


It is. This is just one thread that you can ignore, just as with any other thread you find boring. :kissing_heart:


Yup, I got an Email from CH telling me about what’s new on CH. Delete. NO interest, and never asked to be informed about what’s new. I also asked for an unsubscribe.

I’m assuming they’ve finally realized that they’ve lost readers, and are trying to lure people back. WAY too little, and WAY too late.


What am I, chopped liver???!!! I didn’t get my chatty little email until today and unsubscribed.


Am I allowed to post this here?


I ended up there for a recipe lately . I found a annoying box telling me about a recipe which had nothing to do what I wanted to read . Covering over the text I wanted to read . I can’t even believe I am responding to anything Chowhound .


It’s pretty hard to read the Chowhound Team responses to that spam complaint and not see them as a bit patronizing and disingenuous… especially given who posted the complaints. Those people have gone extra miles to stick it out and the reward is spam. I have no idea if anyone there really cares any more but a simple apology might have been nice instead of an apparent disregard for the real issue of imvasiveness. Too much to ask I guess. :o((.


We must be special, ratgirl. I got mine yesterday.


And when sfchris says

“sfchris Feb 4, 2017 07:17 PM
Well, my point is that you shouldn’t add new email lists as opt-out. I shouldn’t have to unsubscribe. I should get a notification asking me on the web page if I want to subscribe in the first place.”

Their response is

“The Chowhound Team about 21 hours ago
Thanks for your suggestion, sfchris! We’ll share it with the team for further consideration.”

“For further consideration”. Instead of asking people to Opt IN - they’re requiring you to Opt OUT. Further alienating the people they want to draw back into the fold.

Complete effin’ morons.


I got the email too. I reported it as spam and posted to Site Talk to express my displeasure. Note that I visit Chowhound at least as often as I visit Hungry Onion, so I’m not one of the people they need to lure back. I can be driven further away, though, and subscribing me to unwanted newsletters is an awesome way to do that.


After reading about this I checked my subscriptions on CH the other day and opted out. Low and behold an email came today…

Posted the following. Don’t imagine it will be up long on Site Talk (which is a pita to find).

"After reading about these emails I double checked my subscriptions the other day so I would not get them. One came through today and the subscription had reverted by magic. Please get your system in order. If someone opts out I think you should recognize and honor their choice. Anything else is spam pure and simple. Not at all acceptable.

Just makes CH appear desperate to regain everyone you lost through the hundreds of other misguided choices."

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All this talk about the Chow emails going out to people made me go check my old email to see what, if anything, I had waiting for me. Now I can assure you my loyalties are to HO but I’ve got to give credit when and where it’s due. It looks like Chow has finally woken up a bit and are giving the people what they have always, truly deep down wanted!! Perhaps there’s a lesson here for @hungryonion (just saying)