Montreal trip report March 2023

This was supposed to be a trip down memory lane but had a few hiccups


Here is a play by play of the places I visited and the dishes I tried.
Au Pied De Cochon
Duck Tartar and Foie Gras Poutine
Oh boy this used to be my fav restaurant in Montreal if not North America. I guess they have sat on their laurels too long as didn’t find anything interesting or changed much.
Even the dependable Foie Gras poutine has cold cheese (supposed to be squeaky and warm from what I recall) The Duck Tartar was OK. What a fall from grace as I don’t think I will revisit and I am sure they will get packed day after day.
Shay: brunch so Shakshuka & Mohumura
Excellent IMO one of the highlights of this trip. No spices held back and rich tastes that signify this region. High recommendations here folks and I was tempted to even try out their dinner had I not booked other spots in advance.

Modavie: 3 course promo
Bone Marrow, Duck Pasta and Creme Brulee
Last min booking and they had the promo for Old Montreal restaurants running as well. A very good solid offering at that price point. Good music and ambiance to boot. An interesting find and I will be back next trip.

Joe Beef; Truffle and Bone marrow flan soup, Lobster Spaghetti
A major disappointment IMO. I had looking forward to this trip. I have had a similar soup elsewhere this wasn’t anything special. Lobster spaghetti. I have tried a similar or recreated version in Toronto at a couple of places that I feel do it better. At this price point not going back for sure.
Roselys; Burger and Grilled Octopus.
I had the prix fixe menu as was waiting for the train ride back. Octopus was decent. Burger ho-hum. I enjoyed the beer there as a parting gift.


Thanks for posting this…I keep wondering about making a third trip to Montreal (others were years ago…highlight was the smoked meat…brought lots of that home on the train). Joe Beef would have been on my list so good to have your comments.

I’ll be there in a few months, keep your eyes peeled…

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Oh good to hear that it helped. I did order a delivery from Reuben’s for the smoked meat sandwich as couldn’t venture out that day. I prefer them over Schwartz (yeah I said that though its the one near Peel on St Catherine) as I find their meat to be slightly less dry. Missed out on the Au Kougin Amman as well.

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This is more of PostScript I suppose. I missed out Kouing
Amann bakery last trip. Thanks to kind friends who were visiting I got a couple of slices as they brought it back.
Hmmm it’s not what I recall. The layers aren’t caramelized enough and it tasted more dough(y) ah well

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I guess there are different types of KA, but what you have pictured looks very disappointing and is not like what I’ve had elsewhere.

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It’s a KA from a shop called Kouign Amann in the Plateau, which has been a popular place for KA for at least 10 years. They make big ones and cut wedges. I preferred another Breton chef’s version, but his restaurant closed a decade ago.

There are at least 2 distinct styles in Brittany. The first one I tried was a rectangular piece cut from a large KA.

I get the impression Dominique Ansel’s personal-sized DKA popularized the cute little KAs seen across North America now.

I was a little obsessed with chasing down KA in Montreal, NYC and Toronto for around 8 years. I have moved on. :joy:

I have yet to visit Brittany, but the individual Kouign Amann are commonly found in Paris.

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