Monthly club notifications??

(Dan) #1

Every now and then I see this alert. What is it and am I supposed to respond in some way?


Its the forum software’s way of telling participants that they have contributed significantly to the forum in participation that month. So its a badge of honor. No need to respond in any way.

(Dan) #3

No kidding, I thought it was for something entirely diff. Thanks for responding.


This has more info:

(Junior) #5

Um your Monthly Club dues are now past due. If you could please in-box me I will give you my wiring instructions so I can take care of this for you.
(Joke! Do not give me any such information!!)

(Dan) #6

Lol. My wife asked me why I spend time on HO and I told her the combo of smart and smart ass is very appealing.

You prove my point.