New badging system!!!

The old badging system that came with the software had so many badges, it was just very confusing and mostly useless (at least to me). So I have vastly simplified and reworked the badging system as a way to recognize certain contributions to the forum and to incentivize the type of contributions we all like to see on the forum.

Active posters- both lifetime cumulative contribution and monthly contribution:

Quality of posts:

Sharing links and inviting pals:

Cheers and thanks for being active participants in this community!

(Suggestions welcomed for other badging that incentivizes the kind of contributions you want to see on the forum.)


I have only 3 badges now.The nice reply, the nice share (11 times!!) and the 500 post club.

So we have links with Walt Disney or Pixel? :smile:

Yeah, we just bought Pixar!

Their icons are available for non-commercial use…

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Soooooo unless I’m mistaken I do not have any badges now?? Ugghhh no board no badges! Why do I bother!!! Oh I just realized there is a whole edit/profile page!!

Looks like I’m in the Monthly 20% Club (need to work on that), the Lifetime 500 Club, and the Nice Topic and Nice Reply clubs.

And @NotJrvedivici - you will ALWAYS have the most special Badge of all - the Super-Duper, One-of-a-Kind Mixed Grill Challenge- Eating Champ badge!

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Hey you too can make a glutton of yourself have someone photograph it and post it and I’m sure @hungryonion will give you your very own badge of honor (or disgrace) too!!!


Not sure where to ask this question so I’m asking it here. Why is there a piece of strawberry cake next to my name?? (It just appeared there today)

You joined a year ago today!

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Oh…and now it’s gone! (thanks for the response)

Aw that is cute.

Cool, I’m waiting for my turn, in a week’s time!


I seem to have gone from 5% to 10%. It’s funny but I feel a challenge coming on!

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Hey - I’m back!!! top 5%. Who’s a slacker now?

I never saw my cake :cold_sweat:


Two years and a cake for me!


I suddenly got notification today of two badges, “Aficionado” and “Devotee”. But they seem to have been issued a year ago. Is this an artifact of the software update?

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Saw those two badges a week ago that looked pretty interesting and enabled it. It looks like the software looked backwards in history to grant badges.

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Hahahahahahahha…Well you guys only got 2 new badges? Well I got THREE !!!

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Hey where can I get one of those (*) ?

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