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Fond memories of places that looked like salad (and meat) bars with a giant gong shaped griddle at the end, along with a diverse group of eaters incl. a vegetarian and a “pescatarian,” and a want for no waste led us to this.

Instead of a big stir fry with leftovers and some stuff on side, or a single dish, for family of 4

I made 3 cups of koshihikari rice in rice cooker - gotta rinse that off well, it’s great.

diced up some ginger scallion and garlic and put next to stove with oils and soy and fish sauce and spices


cut up

a few peppers
10 or so asparagus
a few mushrooms
some napa cabbage
a few celery sticks
a carrot stick
some leftover tofu
a small steak cut into small slices
defrosted 1/2lb shrimp

a few eggs

my 3 customers got to choose their ingredients and decide their bowls

kid one: vegetarian, aromatics, all the veg, some tofu, shrooms, then added rice and egg, so fried rice
kid 2: aromatics, asparagus, steak, shrimp, served on top of rice
mom: veggies and shrimp on top of rice
dad: this is the best part, I just used all the rest cuz i like it all (and eat the most of course!), and of ample amounts of chili and fish sauce

folks can spice and sauce up stuff extra as they want

used up all what we cut up and didn’t overdo it, no leftovers except some rice

sounds like a pain but 2 frying pans at a time and quick cooking time without overcrowded pans, this was really ez.

anyways, my family loved it and it seems a receptical for whatever we may have on hand, could be leftover noodles, half an onion, bok choy, a bit of bacon, whatevs…

anyways not sure if this is something other folks do or any tips to improve


What a great idea!


All those type of places in midtown are gone it seems. Replaced by chains that serve you expensive bowls of trimmed lawn weeds. I miss them. I probably went to a place down the street at least once a week. I would put a bit of everything in my container. Wonder why they called it bbq? Nothing bbq about it.

i miss them too. you’re right nothing bbq about it. but hellofa tasty good deal! there are a few left out here none superclose to me.

For one bright shining moment, many years ago, there was a Mongolian bbq on 3rd Ave just north of St. Marks in Manhattan, next to Continental Divide. It was dirt cheap and AYCE, so of course it couldn’t last. Nothing gold can stay.

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this would be fucking amazing

It was amazing. Also very ill-advised. I spent way too much time there.

thats what ones 20’s are for

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Indeed. And one’s early thirties, even. (But you didn’t hear that from me.)

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i would gladly walk in right now

It was a great place to see bands. And drink very cheaply.

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I grew up near a great tiny family ran one. It was my favorite place to go. I felt like I was part of the cooking. I loved mixing up all of the cooking sauces to my liking. The highlight for me were the fresh puzzle breads* that she brought to the table. One per person which she refilled as you ate them. A friend took me to a Mongolian BBQ place where I live now and everyone was confused by my asking were the bread is. I was so disappointed! I learned how to make the breads and serve “Mongolian BBQ” style at home regularly now instead. Not as good as when done on their big grills but a great way to use up whatever needs using up in frig.

  • That is just was us kids called them. They are called Sesame Shaobing buns.
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