Mona Lisa Salumeria...Eastchester, NY

I’m sending a thank you out to Ranger Rick and Bob P who regularly posted about Mona Lisa Salumeria in Eastchester on the chowhound NYS board. I had not been there before. For those who are unaware there had been a fire and the business had been closed for just over a year…Ranger Rick and Bob P would post progress updates When one is as loyal and enthusiastic as those two were I assumed there most likely was a pretty good reason for it…they very recently reopened

At 2:30 there was a steady stream of customers and a line had formed…In spite of how busy it was the two men behind the counter could not have been calmer or nicer. Today I took home a combo as a baseline test…I had ordered that amazing looking mackerel in the case and a few other items, but realized pretty quickly that they are cash only until the credit card machines are up… with limited cash and the hero already in the works that is what I left with… very glad I did too, it was delicious. I usually am a pain in the ass and customize the hell out of a combo, I did mention that I don’t like cappy, they responded that they don’t use it then asked to if I was okay with prosciutto because that is standard on the combo … I decided to let them do their thing. I’m glad I did, I got a perfectly balanced and really delicious Italian combo, that was made with amongst other things quality meats, imported provolone and excellent roasted peppers. Pictured in the case are anchovies, mackerel and white anchovies … combo speaks for itself
Added bonus the price of this foot long beauty that was so enormous it was packed in a bread loaf bag…$8.95…seriously!!!
Not pictured but worth mention was a gorgeous house made roast beef in one of the cases…next time

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You never fail to make me hungry!

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I’m a big fan of terra nova bread,but Mona Lisa also sells bread from Il Forno (on the bread rack).When I get a sandwich there,I buy a loaf (of the baguette) and have them make it on a length (of my choice). I buy the entire loaf,to be fair to them,but the other day they asked me if i wanted the rest of the loaf - I wouldn’t want them to be stuck with it,so I always buy the entire loaf,but to me it is even better than terra nova- just a suggestion

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Yes…I saw that bread and most likely would have preferred it…I specifically wanted
to see what they would turn out on their own

Excellent tip. I have this place circled for our next trip to Westchester - hopefully one Forno baguette will be adequate for sandwiches for both me and DH.

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The other reason I prefer Il Forno is terra nova is very good but it is available in many (mostly good ) delis and markets,whereas I’ve only seen Il Forno at Mona Lisa and (I think it’s called Il Forno) that opened in White Plains. One baguette will make more than enough for 2 sandwiches. It’s also a good bread to take home and crisp up the crust in an oven!

So Il Forno is good? I passed it a lot when I worked down that way and often wondered about it, but the location is tough to park.

They are quite good,even the pizza (hard for me to find bad pizza,however). the parking is difficult but the side of the building,by the gas station is usable (at least i’ve used it).

Thanks, Rich!

Glad to hear they are open again. I haven’t been since around 4 years before the fire. Every time I would stop by it was always crowded for the breakfast and lunch rush, especially when school was in session. But back then I thought they were in a 3 way tie for the best Italian combo in southern Westchester. I always order my Italian combo no lettuce or tomatoes, but with roasted peppers and raw onion, lots of oil & vinegar, and sometimes with hot peppers. The other two being the A&S Pork Store in High Ridge shopping center on Central Ave in Yonkers which is my current favorite. And the Sage Deli on the end of Palmer Ave in Mamaroneck, which some say went down hill awhile ago, but I still hear good things occasionally, but since it is out of my way, I never stop there anymore. I’ll have to stop by Mona Lisa in the next few days, since I drive past there often. I literally thought they might never open again since it took so long for their insurance to pay out.

Ask for onion and have them hold the l&T
my preference as well, I did not ask…it was still

@RangerRick is here. Welcome!



and people still eat at Subway…


I realized that I got Mona Lisa mixed up with a different place. I went yesterday and was completely unimpressed. I got an Italian combo wedge, no lettuce or tomato, with onions and roasted peppers, and oil/vinegar, and couldn’t even finish a half. I have never had an Italian combo made by a reputable Italian deli/salumneria that I didn’t enjoy until now. It was light on the meats and cheese, and kind of bitter and acidic in a bad way. I love vinegar, but this sandwich was just plain boring and mediocre and not nice tasting. I ended up throwing it out. I have had two much, much, much better IC wedges in the past few weeks at other local places.

I got a long loaf of the Il Forno bread, and it was bland. I got some Italian mushroom salad that was a mix of mushrooms and looked great.

No, boring as well, even unpleasant. And I love mushrooms, hunt for them with the local Mycological association every weekend, and even have two plots of Wine Cap mushrooms that I forest farm at home and at a local restaurant. (I’ve produced several hundred pounds last fall and even more this spring.)

I also got some white anchovies, which I normally love, and these were excessively salty and fishy.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t care for a single thing I got, and threw everything away after a few tastes. A waste of $30.

The two guys were kind of cold at first, but became very nice after I got them chatting.

I am so sorry…I went back yesterday too and had the exact same experience.
Picked up a combo for a worker in my bldg…domestic provolone, shredded (ew) lettuce…
I was mortified because I recommended it
The mackerel was so salty I had to spit it out, I too had to toss out…what a difference a day makes.
I should have posted immediately but I was still recovering from some obnoxious snark
I encountered here. FWIW a different person made yesterday’s hero.
Cosmo & Alex
all a thousand times better

Cosmo & Alex would be my first choice, chowdom.

I still remember how good A&S in Mamaroneck used to be, especially around Christmas time. Their devolvement into an obnoxious ill stocked chain (or whatever they became) was astonishing. I’m happy they closed.

I was still recovering from some obnoxious snark I encountered here.

Sorry you too were subjected to this, I thought we left all this behind at chowhound. Too bad there wasn’t an ignore button here.

Glad you’re back, chowdom.

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A&S in Yonkers has always been wonderful and still is. Great food, great people.

I’ve never been to Cosmo & Alex. That’s in Mamaroneck, right?

I thought Dante’s went downhill many years ago, when they did the renovation, and all the old staff left.

Have you been lately?

I’ve never been to Cosmo & Alex. That’s in Mamaroneck, right?


HO has its fair share of dysfunction…hopefully with the boards becoming
independent it will work its self out…
Also I just don’t get online etiquette I will own that I have had my moments…
I will lower my expectations … wear my belt around my ankles. CH has just jumped the shark with laughable
shill threads…so not enjoyable…not a bash just a fact.
Back to the food…which should be the focus of this site :slight_smile:
A & S in Yonkers is great and the staff most of whom have been there for years is great too
Worth the trip to Central Ave…added bonus Highridge fishery a door and a half away.

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