Mold on a Taylor Pork Roll

I stumbled on one of these at the supermarket a couple of days ago and brought it home to give it a try. But when I went to open it I spotted a mold blot near the top. It’s on the casing and I won’t be able to tell if it goes further without opening it up. Before I do though I thought I’d ask if anyone knows how much if any mold is normal for these things. If I can avoid opening the case I’ll just take it and get my money back.

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No amount of mold is normal. Take it back.

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Thank you. Good to know!

Since it’s chock full of preservatives, mold probably means it was unrefrigerated for a looong time, or that it’s way past date (did you check the label?) Take it back for sure.

Yeah the date is 4/26 so it’s probably a refrigeration issue. And for 10 bucks I’ll sure make the trip back for a return.

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I didn’t know mold could grow on that stuff. This may be newsworthy.

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Takes a month or two, but even factory cold cuts get moldy eventually.

I took it back, and it took a while without a receipt but they did give me a refund. Of course I had to check out the remaining chubs and sure enough, one was in the case with a mold spot. In fact, it was a suspiciously familiar mold spot. Did they simply return the pork roll to the case? I brought the “second” moldy roll to the attention of a deli clerk and left.

Say what one will about Walmart, but when I worked there we would have been ON that. Wish I could say the same for local chains.

Local doesn’t have as much to lose as Walmart. When people sue Walmart, it’s always in the millions.

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