Minimum Adequate Thickness of Copper Au Gratin ?

I have been eyeing some copper au gratin pans on eBay recently. Some of them are listed as being 1.2 mm.

Is 1.2 mm thick enough for oven roasting and stove top sauce / gravy making?

Hi, Seitan:

That range is fine for small, individual gratins. I have 6 in 1.5mm that are 14cm. Actually, it’s OK for larger sizes, too, in the oven.

But unless a very thin pan is matched sized to a very even hob, it’s a poor choice on the stovetop. And even then, it needs to be strong enough to move/bang around–full–without going out of flat/shape. 1.2mm is more like patisserie mold thickness.

I have a round 23cm in 2mm that is one of my most-used pans.


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