Mini Cookware?...

I was wondering what people thought about mini cookware? I don’t have that much of it, just a couple Staub mini cocottes and a few slightly bigger than mini 12 cm copper sauce pans/lids. (10cm would be considered mini.)

Some I think are sort of novelty and others I believe were built well not as toy or anything but are mean’t to be used.

What can you do with mini cookware and do people actually use them much? What mini cookware examples, pairs etc . do you like?

I noticed that cookware mfg’s like De Buyer, Mauviel have a number of Mini offerings in SS and copper. It seems like it would be more difficult to mfg copper cookware with 2.5 mm in the mini size, but maybe a little thinner copper is alright in that size? I don’t know.

Hi, Ross:

I have a few small metal pieces, and I actually use them all. The smallest true saucepan is 12cm, but I have an 8cm I use as a butter warmer. I also have a stack of 6" round gratins I use a lot for individual servings.

My absolute favorite small piece, though is this tiny saute made in 1919 by Barth & Sons of New York.

It is all of 6" in diameter. I should be more creative with it, but I mostly use it when I’m in need of one sauteed mushroom for a personal omelet.

Small stovetop pieces work really well on my woodstove, but I find them frustrating on my gas and electric hobs–I’ve lit too many potholders and towels trying to move them about.

For in the oven, other than the mentioned gratins, I use mostly porcelain ramekins, souffles, tarts, etc. Pastry molds are another story…


I find them difficult to use. Can’t get a spatula in a tiny frying pan or use a whisk easily in a small saucepan. I just use the smallest of my regular pans, make a bit more and freeze it or have leftovers.

I don’t have a lot of mini cookware but for a single guy it could be helpful (I’m thinking of eggs here).

Examples of mini cookware I don’t have that are essential to make some dishes are:

Cannoli tubes:

Canele de bordeaux molds:

Creme brulée

Onion soup bowls:

Correction: I have onion soup bowls and crème brulée dishes (I am french after all :P)

Thats a neat little copper pan. Whats the thickness on it? I think I like the idea of mini copper SS lined cookware the best and price wise it’s not always that much more expensive than ECI,SS or ceramic, porcilain. I guess most would be for oven use as they would be too small for average size hobs. From oven to table functionality and presentation could be nice. I’m thinking of getting four mini-saucepans, sautes/ with lid or cocottes. Thing is under a 12 cm copper saucepan/cocotte or 16cm saute it is hard to find anything with 2 or 2.5mm thickness. They are mostly 1.2mm -1.5mm. Does that matter Kaleo? the fact that most mini- copper cookware is thinner gauge?

Tiny cast iron pan and tiny spoon. The pan is actually a souvenir ashtray from Lake Chautauqua, although you could probably fry a quail egg in it, or sear a single sea scallop. I use the spoon when I make a bagel brunch, to serve capers.

Not for cooking but yes for serving. Here are a few of mine used to serve homemade dips/spreads. I also have a couple mini stoneware cocottes with lids decorating my countertop. They house salt and pepper used for cooking.