Mineral B pan on induction

Hi all.

I’m new here, and English is not my primary language. So I apologize in advance for any bad grammar and wrong spelling. This is my first post.

So… I have this De Buyer mineral B 28 cm pan I haven’t used in a long time. For some reason I got the impression that induction will warp stamped carbon pans. So since we got a induction cooktop at home I haven’t used it.

Normally I use a wariety of skepshult cast iron pans, a demeyere Proline and some scanpan and rösle non stick pans for delicate stuff. But I often miss the old carbon pan.

So my question is. Can I use the he mineral B on induction without warping it. Ofcourse with common sence like not overheating it dry, and heating it in steps.

What do you guys say?

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Their web site says yes.

I know.

But would like to hear some real life experience :blush:

I have a small one. I’ve used it a couple of times on my induction range, and it’s still ok. But I haven’t used it extensively.

Yes, high probability of not warping. Just don’t make drastic upward adjustments in heat, or use the pan as a converter disk.

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Hej Søren,

Velkommen! It will be fine - I use a 32cm mineral b on induction all the time and it has not warped. The only thing you need to watch out for is not preheating it on too high a power level - keep it on medium-low and go slowly. Once it’s hot you can crank it higher for a sear if needed.

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I don’t have any advice for you, nor any experiences to share.

But I wanted to drop in and compliment you on your English.

:joy: I think my old English teacher would disagree. But thanks you.

Sounds good :+1: thanks

There have been considerable discussions on warping with induction. You’ve already hit upon what many others recommend, slower heating and not heating empty.

Here linked below is a bit of a discussion where @Claus says he readily warped some Matfer CS pans but that he’s had no problems with Mineral B.

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Thanks. I’ll read up on it :+1:

I think it should be fine as long as no quick heat and quick cooling. Mineral B line is mostly thick 3 mm carbon steel cookware, so they are less likely to warp than some of the thinner 2 mm cookware.

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I bought a couple Mineral B pans (the pro version with the stainless handle) in 9.5" and 11" a few months ago with the intention of using it with a portable induction unit that I use in lieu of my conventional electric stove. So far, no warping, and I’m pretty pleased with their performance especially with searing and frying eggs.

And I do often heat it up without anything in it until it starts smoking a little bit, on medium /medium high heat though - 5/10 power on my Duxtop induction unit.

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As others have mentioned, it works fine, indeed with some common sense in using it. The 28cm de Buyer is a nice pan!